Sunday Funday!

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday!

Sundays are when I have to get up extra early and work at 7am. Yep – a 5am alarm used to be the bain of my existence… I was so used to sleeping in that waking up 1 day a week at a much earlier time was so hard. This is part of the reason why I’m tuning my body to start waking up earlier, so that days when I work mornings aren’t so difficult and I’m awake and energized! It’s a lot easier to do this in the summer, especially when I can ride my bike to work and not have to sit on a bus (ew). 

2018, Surprise Me

Hey guys,

It’s 2018..

Actually it’s 1-month into 2018 to be more accurate. I’ve done A LOT of thinking over this past month. A lot of reflecting on life, where I am, where I want to be, the type of people I’ve been hanging around, the energy that I’m putting out into the universe and the energy that I’m surrounding myself with.

Recipe: White Chili With A Twist

Hey guys,

I was out for coffee with a couple of girlfriends today and we fell upon the topic of “What can I do with leftover chicken stock and chicken and not make my normal chicken and vegetable soup?”. It lead my other girlfriend to start discussing white chili. She pulled up a recipe on her phone and it looked really delicious. The weather here in Toronto has been pretty crappy lately so a huge batch of chili was exactly what the doctor ordered. Although, I kind of put a little twist on the whole thing. 

A Christmas Workout

(note: I started writing this blog before Christmas, and finished it after :D)

Hey guys,

Happy holidays! Like every year I’m back in the country spending my holidays with my parents/sister/extended family members! The holidays are a bit of a tricky time for me because I’m diabetic. It’s a fine balancing act of wanting to eat ALL THE FOOD and being a good diabetic that avoids sugar like the plague.

Glass Of Red? Don’t Mind If I Do.

Hey guys,

I just got home not long ago from teaching a spin class in a studio where the A/C was broken.. oh my gooooood it was so warm in there and it was so hard to breathe. We sweat like maniacs and it was totally awesome, I feel refreshed and like I worked really hard!!! That’s the sign of an amazing workout.

Getting Started On My New Year’s Resolutions

Hey guys,

I’ve been staring at my screen for a few minutes wondering what I could write about that would be of any entertainment value to my (small amount of) readers as I sit and watch A Christmas Inheritance (awful movie btw). I keep thinking back to when I first started blogging, who remembers “My (mostly) Healthy Life”? Hahaha.. #throwback. What did I write about back then? Mostly fitness and cooking healthy meals, and nutrition… and anything really… 

I Got Certified Again. More Bike Time!

Hey guys,

If you don’t know (which would be crazy cuz it’s like my whole life right now) I teach Les Mills RPM at GoodLife Fitness here in Canada. GoodLife has the exclusive rights to the Les Mills programming in all of Canada, so it’s the only gym you can go to if you want to hit up an RPM class specifically. GoodLife used to have an exclusivity clause in their instructor agreements that prevented instructors from teaching outside of GoodLife… not a big deal, I didn’t mind.