– if you think good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

Hey y’all,

I think this has been a long time coming, I’m taking a leave from this bloggy blog.

I don’t have the time to give it the attention it deserves (omg this sounds like a pet/child) and so I think I’m just going to post this, and leave it until I can come back to it more seriously. With school, and working A LOT, plus training for spin stuff and everything else, it’s too much to have to keep this up to date too – and clearly I haven’t been doing it….

So alas, I wish everyone well, and I’ll be seeing you when I see you ;).

Take care,

Hey y’all,

Ok omg I’m so behind on this daily gratitude journal thing that I have to go back and look at the days and see what I did that I was possibly grateful for. This completely defeats the entire purpose of this exercise, but I’M DOING IT ANYWAYS. Ok – here we go!

Day 9:  I was grateful that I had an extra week of vacation that I didn’t know about. Sitting in a movie theatre alone (yes, I have a class inside of a movie theatre) while a friend texted me that class doesn’t start for another week was definitely embarrassing in the moment, but YAS for extra vacay – amirite?

Day 10: Today I was thankful that I have my weekend spin dates with Patrick, spinning destresses me and is my happy place :).

Day 11: Also grateful for another day of spin, and grateful that I have a cool job where I get invited to DELICIOUS restaurants to try out their menu and get told “Oh there’s no bill for you”… Thank you R&D for one eppiiiiiiiiic meal (I highly recommend this restaurant if you come to Toronto, even if you live here – you MUST try it!). I’m also grateful for people willing to drive to different cities with me and take nice photos for me so I can do my freelance social media marketing job much better…. I swear, it’s hardly me… it’s all in the photos ;).

Day 12: Today I’m grateful that my out of town friends are willing to give up time to mentor my in the city friends even in a minor way. Human beings are still great, y’all… I haven’t given up hope. I also an grateful for free food and open bars… those are always fun.

Day 13: I don’t remember what I did on this day. Oh I went to my office, I’m grateful for my office because we all agree to go eat Japanese BBQ – my FAV lunch!!!

Day 14: Day 14 was a rough day, but if I had to be grateful for something, it’s people who go out of their way to spend time with me…. Who are very few and far between. You know who you are.

Day 15: I’m grateful for friends who I may not see often but are always there to lend a shoulder when I need it most. Or an ear. Or eyes if we’re messaging. People who have your back no matter what, even if you’re in the wrong.

Day 16: Today I’m thankful for impromptu lunch dates, and people who agree to make plans with you for the week to keep you company :).

OMG ok I did it – that wasn’t so bad!! It’s been a hard couple days for various reasons but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something to be grateful for!!! We live in an amazing world, so there’s always something to be happy about. 😉

Talk soon,

Hey y’all!

I think it’s acceptable to double (or triple) up on some days when I can’t bust out a post – right? As long as I do it? I’m pretty sure I make the rules with my gratitude journal so then yes, it is fine :).

Day 6: On Friday I was pretty thankful for my jobs and the really cool people I work with. I love that I have such flexibility in my one job, that I was able to work from home in the morning because of how poorly I slept the night before, I’m reeeeeeally friggen lucky for that.

Day 7: Yesterday I was thankful that I had my first Saturday off in a long time that I didn’t actually have to do anything. I slept in (oddly late, causing my mother serious panic), went and did groceries (I haven’t done groceries on a Saturday in SO long, it was SO busy!!) and made food to take to the boy’s house last night, where we ate and chilled and watched Homeland. Work changed up my schedule so I have Saturdays off going forward and I’m very excited!!!!

Day 8: Last night Mystery Man and I booked a trip to NYC in March and I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! I’m grateful that we both have the same idea of things we want to do, lots of experiences and not just shopping. I love NYC, the energy is addictive and the city is just so beautiful and I haven’t been in over a year (normally I go yearly!) so I’m soooooo happy to be going back!!!!

I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did!

Talk soon,

Hey y’all,

Happy January 5!

Today’s post is suuuuuper quick. Thank me later ;).

Day 5: Today I’m grateful that I have amazing colleagues and a boss that takes us out to lunch, pays, and isn’t embarrassed when I pack up half to take home for dinner… 🙂

LOL seriously that happened today, but it’s awesome and I love it!!! 🙂

Happy Thursday!! I’m off to spin after work then purging some more of my things to clear up clutter in my life! How are you spending your night?

Talk soon,

Hey y’all,

Ok so yesterday, third day in and already forgot to post – OFF TO A GOOD START! 🙂 Hehehe….

How is your new year’s going? I hope everything for you is off to a great start!! 2017 is going to be the best year!!!

Day 3: Yesterday I was thankful that I have a place to live that’s all my own. I spent the entire day cleaning from top to bottom and purging and getting rid of old things that no longer serve me, but ultimately I’m so thankful and grateful that I have my cute little apartment.

Day 4: Today I’m grateful I have a lot of supportive people when I have crazy ideas. I’m also grateful for my life time of knowledge of food and nutrition, something that’s been a huge part of my life since I was 8 years old (when I was first diagnosed with diabetes).

What are you grateful for today?

Talk soon,

Hey y’all,

Happy new years!! As one of my “resolutions”, I decided to figure out a way to keep my blog up and motivated to keep writing. I think the reason I’m so slack with my blog is because most of my job requires me to write all day long so I don’t feel like writing once I get home. With that being said, if my posts were just short and not time consuming, I think I’d be more motivated to write. If you’ve been reading with me for a while, you know that I tend to ramble, resulting in massive posts. But I have a new idea…..

Each day I’m going to write a simple post, maybe a couple of sentences, of things I’m happy about or grateful for! Nothing crazy and everyday will be something different, but I’m going to do it everyday.

Day 1 & 2 of 365 Days of Gratitude
Day 1: Yesterday I was grateful that I had someone willing to feed me blueberries and wash them when I accidentally pour a bowl of them all over me. And homemade ramen soup – I’m always grateful for that.

Day 2: Today I am grateful for my family. I had an awesome brunch and Secret Santa gift exchange with my cousins and it was a ton of fun! I definitely need to make a point of seeing them much more often this year.

See how easy it is!?!? Who else is keeping a gratitude journal this year? Who wants to join me? Comment on my posts with what your grateful for and let’s keep it going all year long!

Talk soon,

Hey y’all,

Oooh ok I’m so glad I wrote about my big goal for 2017 because now I really have to go through with it. It’s funny, today I was thinking – a year ago I was in London (remember that?!?!?! Epic trip…) and my life now is basically a 180 degree difference from what it was back then. A year ago I was barely going to the gym, I was partying probably 3ish nights of the week, and my life was all around not generally very healthy or adult. It’s so crazy to think of how far I’ve come! I’ve got my own apartment, I’m at the gym more nights per week than I’m not, I barely ever go party and waste money (and calories) and I’m in University working towards my Commerce Degree. INSANE!


With all of that being said, I want to make some points as to why I think I fell in love with spinning, because it was a definite process. I remember my first spin class back in February and how awful it was and how badly I felt like dying. I couldn’t keep up with anyone, I didn’t know what I was doing, and of course I was sitting front row as I had joined the class last minute… basically it was pretty disastrous. Even when I got used to spinning, I was always into hills and mountains and I could never actually hit the beat of the really fast sprint and race tracks as hard as I would try. But I kept with it and eventually my legs got stronger and built up the endurance to be able to finish a race track and it was like almost the best day of my life.

I remember the time it happened. I was texting every single human I knew that spun and I was confirming with the instructor to make sure it wasn’t just me, but he said I was on beat and I held it for the whole song and I was ecstatic. That was the day I realized how much I loved it. There are other reasons too of course, let me elaborate.

It challenges you every, single time.
Spinning is one of those things that comes down to you. It can be challenging every single time because you’re in control of the resistance and difficulty of the class. If you’re having a bad day but still managed to get on the bike, maybe you keep it light, or maybe you really push yourself and take your stress out by turning the knob up higher than normal. Or maybe you’re having a really good, strong day and do the same. The stronger you get, the more resistance you can put on the bike so it never really gets “easier”. I’ve noticed that my racing and mountain resistance are both higher than they were when I first started, so each class I have to remember “Oh ya – my legs are stronger now, let’s turn it up!” and it’s so awesome! Some days I leave the bike barely being able to walk, other days maybe I wasn’t totally feeling it but still worked up a good sweat. Either way, I’m always glad I got my butt there.

It can be both an individual or a group activity.
The bike is an interesting place, because ultimately it’s all about you and your workout, but you’re in a room with a group of people who want the same as you – a kick ass workout, a serious burn in your legs, and to better themselves! Spinning is almost like a little clique and I hate that as much as I love it. I should say it’s a very welcoming clique. No one really understands unless you’ve got the spin bug, but I encourage you to go try it out and make friends with people in your class. It’s so much fun to have people you know around you and people to high five after a job well done!

It seriously sculpts your legs.
I don’t think my hamstrings have ever been so toned, even when I was running I think my glutes have gotten a bit bigger, which is good for most people but my ass was already huge to begin with so the added muscle doesn’t help. BUT there are definitely worse things and so I don’t mind that my butt grew a bit because of that. But seriously, it’s such a good leg workout as long as you keep the resistance loaded and really push yourself. YAY for defined booties! 🙂

It’s so much fun!!
You can’t deny the fact that the reason people keep going back to spin class is because it really comes down to the fact that it’s so much fun! Granted, this does depend on the instructor that’s teaching, if they keep it fun or not, but I love the fact that spinning is almost like doing a dance on the bike. In the program that I’m going to be training to teach, it’s all about hitting the beat with your pedals while you’re riding and when everyone’s doing it at the same time it looks like the room is doing a dance!! I know from when I rode on stage a couple of weeks ago! I love that aspect of spinning which is why I’m so excited to instruct. Working people up with the beat and really motivating them to go hard once the beat drops, ahhhhhh I can’t wait! 🙂

If you couldn’t tell I’m actually so excited to do this. I’m really excited to be someone directly responsible in helping someone change their life and live more healthy. I’m super excited to meet new people who want to get in shape and better themselves and who are happy to come see me in class every week. I think it’s going to be an amazing feeling and that’s why I want to be so great at it!!!!


Talk soon,

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