My Favourite Podcasts

Ok I admit, I have a mild podcast obsession. I also really love audio books, I subscribe to Audible, but podcasts are such a good, affordable way to get niche content without having to pay for it. I am currently on a budget. YES people, I am on a

New Recipe: Tomato Dill Soup

I have such an infatuation with soup. I love the fact that I make make a giant ass pot of it and have it throughout the course of my week. I also love that most times that I do make soup, it’s because I need to use up the

New Workout: Studio Lagree

So it’s now 2019 and I tried my first new workout of the year, something I’ve never done before! I’ve seen Studio Lagree online, I’ve seen friends and acquaintances attending the classes there but I just never really thought about going, until a friend of mine, Trellany, invited me