Importance Of Energy Focus

Stop putting your time and effort into things that aren’t benefiting you. No truer words have come into my life lately. It’s hard! I know first hand how we can get attached to things and people that aren’t benefiting us. Whether it’s a friend or partner or a job

How’s The Weightlifting Going?

Happy Friday y’all. I got back into weight training this year (2019), and I’m glad that I did. I originally had signed up for a program (30 Days To Fit) and it was so helpful getting my confidence up so I could continue my weight training workouts! If you’re hesitant

My Alone Time

I’m sitting here watching Paris Is Burning, sipping on some Frozen Raspberry David’s Tea, and indulging myself with a rose water facial mask (thanks Ma!) and just doing a little reflection on my day today. I honestly didn’t do much, I taught a spin class, and then I went

Practicing Patience.

A lot of the posts I’ve been writing lately are less personal, more about “things” whether it be a recipe, a book, something I made or something I’ve started eating. When I first got into blogging, I used it for a much different reason. I was personal, open and

New Recipe: Tuna Poke Bowl

I’m obsessed with poke… like, totally. I love fish, I love the veggies, I love rice, I love everything in poke. With that being said, poke is god damn expensive. $20 for a bowl?? I don’t think so. So, I’ve started making my own bowls! I absolutely love how

My Favourite Podcasts

Ok I admit, I have a mild podcast obsession. I also really love audio books, I subscribe to Audible, but podcasts are such a good, affordable way to get niche content without having to pay for it. I am currently on a budget. YES people, I am on a