I think it’s been over two months since I’ve written on here, and I miss it! These past two months have literally been a whirlwind and I”m slowly feeling like I’m coming up for air, which is a nice feeling. Here’s the lowdown; as some of you know, I finished my undergrad degree back in June and then I went away for two weeks in July and was working at a small hotel. I landed an amazing job in Marketing in financial services so I left the hotel business and moved into Toronto’s financial district and honestly, it’s the most amazing job with the most amazing people. I couldn’t ask for a better job right out of school and I’m so grateful for it every single day – but as you can probably guess it’s been a learning curve just learning about financial services in general, so the past two months I’ve been more focused on that and learning the ins and outs.

BUT I did manage to finish the half-marathon I was training for! Needless to say, the entire experience was kind of a flop and yes, yes, I know, I finished it, that’s all that matters. But my competitiveness says otherwise and the whole race started off on the wrong foot and went downhill the entire time.

I woke up early that day to not rush, take my time, get some food, rehydrate. Then by the time I made it to the race area I had to use the washroom (thanks re-hydration). Not a problem, it was still a while until the race started. After I peed šŸ™‚ I made my way to my corral station and had to wait about 40 minutes until my corral even took off. By the time we started the race, I had to pee again. Great, I took a bit of time and was like “Maybe I”m just being paranoid”.. no, I actually had to pee and it was distracting me. Ok fine, so at the first washroom station I thought “perfect, no one else is going to want to stop at 1.5k into this race to pee, I’ll be quick.” NOPE. There were 4 washrooms, people were lined up at each and in two of the washrooms, someone or something (who knows) had locked themselves in and weren’t coming out. K great, so all those people had to amalgamate into the other two lines and for whatever reason, people did not seem to be in a hurry. Like, they know this is a timed event right?

So after losing about 6-7 minutes of time, I’m done peeing and I sprint to try and make up some distance/time. Bad idea. I got so winded and my energy crashed hard and at this point, I was only at like 7km. Awesome. I took some extra walk breaks to calm myself down but it didn’t help. Whatever, I pushed through and got back into somewhat of a groove again after dodging all the slow people I fell behind waiting for the washroom (I swear you could add 1-2km of distance onto this race just trying to navigate around people).

At about the 12km mark is when I started getting sore. Why? No idea. My long runs had been hit and miss in my training leading up to the race. Some would go SO well and some would be just garbage and I couldn’t figure out why. My hip was acting up and my ankle was starting to get tight, I could feel both of them. So I slowed down a bit and was half-massaging my outer hip/bum area (a very good look) and kept trecking. I had my phone with me for my music and I was so grateful to my friends who were text-cheering me on, it definitely kept me going.

I slowed down, walked a lot, but I ultimately finished the race in a time I’m not happy with so I’m not publishing, but I’m happy to get my medal. It was a very, very slow walk back to the subway and to home but I stretched, got some food, took an Advil (sorry not sorry) and actually wasn’t as sore as I had anticipated I would be the next day.

I haven’t been doing much running since then, but it’s nice to know that when I go for a run on Sunday’s now, it’s because I want to and not because I have to for training. I can still bust out a solid 10km run on a treadmill though and now that winter is coming here in Canada, that’s as much as I’ll be doing :).

Chat soon,