Remember the time I signed up for a half-marathon again? Well, we’re into week number 4 so 1-month is already done. And I will admit, I haven’t stuck to my training program as much as I should have. I had a big weekend of fitness (CanFitPro) and I wasn’t able to fit any sort of running into the agenda, and a couple of times during the week I decided to rest my body instead of run, which made my long runs a little less “trained for”.

Yesterday I did the longest run of the program thus far, 11km and it was definitely the most challenging both physically and mentally of my program. If you’re a runner, you’ll know that some runs are harder than others for any number of reasons, and yesterday the first half of the 11 km was just a disaster. I could tell my blood sugars were dropping so I had to stop and grab a bottle of apple juice and drink it and wait for it to kick in, I couldn’t get into the headspace to want to push myself and I couldn’t get my body to find a pace that was maintainable.

I decided eventually to just listen to my body and not concern myself with time. When I needed a walk break I took it. When I needed to stop and stretch my calves I did it. Eventually around the 5km mark though, it’s like my body flicked a switch and I just pushed through. The running was easier, I held it for longer, the intervals I run at was easier, and I was determined to get it done. My time ended up not being terrible, and was pretty average for me so I was happy about that!

HOWEVER, my calves got so tense and tight that it was hard for me to walk most of the day. I met up with my girlfriends to go on a little day trip and E is a runner too and she totally busted me and the fact that I didn’t buy new running shoes for this training and that could be my first problem… And as much as I don’t want to spend the money on new shoes, I definitely don’t want to spend money on physio, so today I’m off to buy a new pair of running shoes to wear for the next month and a half while I finish this challenge.

So needless to say, the training is coming along. I’m enjoying having something that’s challenging me these days, I haven’t pushed myself outside of my comfort zone in a while so it’s actually both refreshing and motivating. On that note – I must log off, get myself ready and head down to buy some new shoes (OH DARN I HATE SHOPPING.. lol).

Happy long weekend folks!