I used to read this blog every single day called Smart, Pretty & Awkward. It was a really awesome woman writing one tip on how to be each of those every day. I loved loved loved this concept because it was a quick and easy read, yet it kept you wanting to come back every day to see what was next.

I wanted to start a weekly themed post and something reminded me of this blog (guys this was like 7 years ago that I read it) and I wanted to do my own spin on it… it’s a work in progress but introduuuuuuucing Fancy, Fun & Frugal Fridays. I’ll share one tip I use for each of the above, on Fridays :).

Week 1

Fancy: When I’m in the mood to feel fancy, but not in the mood to get off the couch or out of my housecoat, I sip sparkling water out of a champagne flute. Try it!

Fun: Summer in Toronto is almost over, BUT there are still a TON of fun (and sometimes free) events happening around the city. My favourite source to check for fun events/markets/concerts is BlogTO’s Event Calendar.

Frugal: Do you have any idea how much money you spend at Starbucks (or your coffee shop of choice)? It makes me vomit a little when I actually track it myself, SO I’ve started (sometimes) making my own coffee at home and bringing it with me places in a tumbler. I still buy Starbucks sometimes, like before a spin class lol, but at least it’s not my only coffee source anymore!

Have a fantastic weekend friends!