Well first off, if you haven’t heard, I’m officially done university!! It’s so strange, when I come home from work I can like…. make dinner, or not. Or watch Netflix, or not. Or do laundry, or not. Or maybe I can go out and socialize after work if I want to, or not. It’s like, the world is my oyster haha. I am also really excited to have a much, MUCH more regular schedule than I normally do – which, so I’m told, makes diabetes quite happy lol.

I had a nurse/dietician appointment last week and they were super excited that I was finally done school, because truth be told I was really putting school before everything just so could get that shit done ASAP, including my diabetes. My schedule was different every single day and I was so busy that I often times found that diabetes was just this annoying thing that would get in the way. So we are ALL very excited that now is the time I get to really focus on myself now and make sure I’m taking the time to be mindful and dedicated to ensuring my health.

We were discussing the types of foods I eat and when I eat them, and it really dawned on me, basically looking at my pattern of blood sugars that eating low-carb is more than just a trend for me, it’s a way of eating that really REALLY helps keep my blood sugars very consistent and in the ideal normal range. I know a lot of people harp on others for eating a restricted diet. I see it all. I see the posts about loving yourself regardless of how you eat… I’ve seen the posts about why eating a low carb diet is STILL a diet and it’s depriving you and it won’t last…. I’ve seen the posts that diets are bad… but here’s the thing – I see it, I understand it, I really do… but some of us have reasons for eating the way we do (ie. a restricted diet) and we should be very considerate about the eating habits we are trashing on social media.

Trust me guys – CARBS ARE LIFE. I love carbs. Who DOESN’T love carbs (if you say “I” you’re lying lol)?

I even have shirts supporting carbs

However, for someone with diabetes (like moi) carbs are a complex food to navigate while keeping everything balanced and under control. For example, there are certain “carbs” that I just know if I eat I’m going to feel so gross all day because they skyrocket my blood sugars… things like white rice, sushi rice (sashimi is LIFE), rice noodles and rice paper are all things I tend to avoid unless it’s a reeeeeally small amount or it’s reeeeeeally worth it for me to eat them (ie. Pho on a cold day amirite?). The key for me and my diabetes is to eat really complex carbs; brown rice, sweet potato, whole wheat/soybean pasta, whole wheat bread – and avoid anything that is white. The whole wheatiness (lol) of all of those things take much longer to digest and therefore my blood sugar doesn’t spike immediately and take FOREVER to come down, it stays stable and digests at roughly the same speed that my insulin reacts to the food and keeps everything all straight and good.

This is great news for me because when my blood sugars spike really high, they also tend to then drop really low after and this causes me to feel exhausted and I’m extremely moody when it happens. Keeping everything flat lined the way brown rice and quinoa does means that I stay energized and happy. Now I know brown rice and quinoa are carbs and I’m talking about low-carb eating. In a perfect world ya I eat protein and veggies all day long, but here and there (usually at dinner) I like to have some complex carbs, because we do need carbs! Our brain loves them, they are energy for us and help replenish our glycogen stores in our muscles.

For those wondering, my typical daily meals include eggs/avocado/a small bit of fruit at breakfast, some sort of salad and protein (ie. Chicken, tofu or beans) at lunch, I’ll have nuts at some point throughout the day, and then at dinner I usually have protein, veggies and carbs. I usually fit in a protein shake mixed with veggiegreens so that I can get more protein throughout my day because I don’t get enough most days. Soooo there you have it!

I try my best to eat low-carb. Don’t judge me for it, there’s a reason! 🙂 K thanks.

To the diabetics out there – what do you guys think? Do you tend to limit your carbs or do you got the carb thing under control? Comment below!!

xx S.