I love food. I love it a lot. I also really love that different foods can have a direct impact on how we feel throughout the day. Everyone is different, and of course I’m no doctor, but there are some especially good foods that can help us to feel happier! There are some seriously awesome foods out there that work directly with our brains to release serotonin, and help our bodies to feel calm, and can keep that feeling for a while after you’ve ate!

This is more of an educational post, but I love sharing knowledge on food, because the more we know the better choices we can make! Being a diabetic I’m a little more privy to being mindful of the foods I eat and the immediate affects they have not only on my mood and how I’m feeling, but my blood sugars as well. I avoid white rice, rice noodles, sushi rice, white bread, pretty much anything “white” because I know they send my sugars into a complete frenzy when I do eat them (but let’s be real, sometimes I cave and eat the sushi and the pho… they’re SO good, I just gotta super plan ahead..), and when that happens my mood goes all over the place and I get really tired. Brown rice, quinoa, egg noodles, and whole wheat anything definitely does not do anything nearly as horrible to my blood sugars and then my mood remains stable and I’m energized. I challenge you to take note of how you feel after you eat my top 5 favourite foods that help make us happy! 🙂

Avocados are jam packed full of tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid that our brain uses in order to produce serotonin – the neurotransmitter that helps us to feel joy! Other little side benefits to avocados are that they help us have really nice hair, skin and nails… basically I’m in love with everything to do with avocados in their natural (and mashed up) form.

Dark Chocolate
Although I’d much rather consume milk chocolate, it can’t go unnoticed that chocolate in general helps us to feel happier – as if we didn’t know that already lol. Dark chocolate specifically (the darker the better) is full of magnesium which is a mineral that helps us reduce anxiety and relax. I take magnesium before I go to bed so that it helps me fall asleep! PEA (the word is too long and complicated so you get the acronym) is the chemical in our brains that help us fall in love, and guess what…? Dark chocolate is full of it!!! Problem solved guys, dark chocolate is my new boyfriend.

Tomatoes have been one of my most favourite foods since the beginning of time. I love chopping up a tomato and seasoning it with s&p and just eating it. My most favourite juice of all time is tomato juice, and my mom still buys me cans and cans of it to have over the holidays lol, it’s a bit of a problem. ANYWAYS… Tomatoes give us lycopene, it’s an antioxidant and it helps us fight inflammation in our brains. Healthy brain = happy brain. Put some EVOO on your tomato to really soak up the benefits of all it has to offer!

Walnuts are such a good nut to snack on – they’re super high in calories though so be careful with how many you’re eating. I tend to put a small handful into a big salad and it gives the salad a bit more texture than normal. Walnuts are such a good source of healthy fats for our bodies, they help our moods improve and help us absorb vitamin B! They help us fight fatigue, anxiety and irritability.

With the amount of fatty acids in salmon, it’s definitely making my list of both fav foods of all time and this list of foods that can make us happier. The omega-3 fatty acids help decrease depression, and improve memory and focus! Our brains loooove healthy fats so much. <3

Ok so let’s do it!!! Try out some of these foods this week and let me know how you feel! You’ll be getting a lot of calories when you eat them so be mindful of that, but they also help you feel fuller faster too so that’s the plus to these foods! Go healthy fats!

Talk soon,
S xx