Happy Friday y’all.

I got back into weight training this year (2019), and I’m glad that I did. I originally had signed up for a program (30 Days To Fit) and it was so helpful getting my confidence up so I could continue my weight training workouts! If you’re hesitant to start lifting weights, I’d highly recommend this program or something like it so that you have a little bit of a crutch when you walk into the weight room. I know how intimidating it can be and with a little bit of help, it can make things feel a lot better.

SO how exactly is my weight training going now? Well, my bum is on fire and my hamstrings were ripped to shreds yesterday so I guess you could say things are going VERY well. I’m more comfortable than ever with weight training, and it helps that I’m comfortable in the gym I’ve chosen as my designated weight lifting gym (not the same gym as where I teach at! Well, same chain, different location where I’m more anonymous lol). I’ve been going consistently 2-3 times per week either in the morning first thing when I can’t fit it into my day, otherwise during the day when the gym is less busy.

I’ve learned quickly that my most favourite thing to train is back and biceps. I’m not sure why really, I just love pulling things! My second favourite is definitely leg day. I have grown to enjoy the feeling of being sore, it reminds me that I had a really great workout the day before and it makes me happy knowing how far I’ve come! With that being said, this week was the first week where I upped the weights on my lower body and today it’s a little bit difficult to walk properly. Isn’t it the best feeling?

I can already tell I’m gaining some muscle, my arms are slightly more toned than they were previously and the fact that I can up my weight on my legs tells me my legs are getting stronger too! Yay #gains. I’m excited to see what even more time with my new found love of weights will bring, especially now that I’m honing in on my diet as well. I feel like once you start a healthy habit, others just also kind of roll into place too. The snowball effect, it’s a great thing!

What’s your favourite muscle group to train when you’re lifting weights? Comment below and let me know! And if you haven’t already done so, head over to my sidebar where it says “Subscribe” (to your right!) and sign up there so I can stay in touch with you guys! I’ll send you some secret recipes that I won’t be posting on the blog, and other fun tips and tricks for staying healthy <3.