A lot of the posts I’ve been writing lately are less personal, more about “things” whether it be a recipe, a book, something I made or something I’ve started eating. When I first got into blogging, I used it for a much different reason. I was personal, open and honest, I talked about things happening in my life, and I always felt like that was why I had readers; because they were genuinely curious about what I was going to do next. I love blogs that divulge into the actual writer as opposed to just skimming the surface, and it’s something I want to get back into. Not just to give you guys something to read, that comes second, but I want to give myself a place to write and express what I’m feeling and doing as a sort of “outlet” for me.

I’m an impatient person. I’m not sure why or where I got this trait from. My parents drive at like 30 km/h at all times, so they apparently have mucho patience (lol sorry mam and dad). I’m also an impulsive person. When I want something or want to do something, I want to do it now. I hate waiting but it’s something that I’ve been working on. Now that school is coming to an end and I have all these work things that are like a carrot dangling in front of my face, I find that my level of impatience has risen drastically. Silly things have me totally hung up, like how I’ve been growing my hair and I look at it every day wondering if it seems even a little bit longer than it did before. Or, this is gold, when I lift weights and go home and try to see if I can see ANY growth or definition in whatever I just worked out. Yep – told you, I’m candid here lol.

The point being, I’m inpatient and it’s definitely one of my *many* personality flaws. I’m taking steps to try and get over my insane impulsiveness and wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been doing.

Apple Watch is a great tool to have when I’m getting stressed out and impatient. There’s an app that it comes with called “Breathe” and it coaches me through a 1-minute breath session. I find this so helpful because when I get stressed my breathing becomes shallow and quick. This app consciously has you slow your breathing, taking much deeper breaths. I immediately notice a difference and come back to my normal self.

Managing Emotions
I used to be a much more emotional person than I am now. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I still cry at all the animal videos all of the time. I mean I used to act out of emotion a lot easier than I do now. At this point in my life I can take a step back and really look at myself and know why I’m reacting in a certain way. Being patient is all about being able to control those emotions when you feel like they’re getting the best of you. When I find myself getting anxious about it all, I just take a step back and remind myself that it’s me getting impatient, take a few breaths and carry on.

This is important because it requires me to actually be able to listen to myself, something I have struggled with for a long time. When I’m feeling impatient my rational brain knows how relatively close my goals are, what I need to finish before I can even start on these bigger projects (like wrapping up my degree lol), and that’s just what I need to listen to, my brain!

Well, there we go. The main 3 things I use when I’m going through my “impatient” phases. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, I’m not perfect, not even close. But it’s a great way to guide me in the right direction and not be so hard on myself. Slow and steady wins the race, and no one ever got really great at something overnight, it takes time. I know my life and my goals are going to be wild and amazing and maybe that’s why I want them so badly. Good things come to those who wait <3.

Love you, mean it. xx

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash