Hey guys,

I can’t even believe that January is already coming to an end. I feel like that entire month flew by at a temperature of minus 20 here in Canada. Sigh, hot showers are my best friend these days LOL. Well as the month comes to a close, I wanted to look back at what I wrote at the start of the month as my goals and intentions for the month.

The whole idea of doing things on a month-by-month basis is for a couple of reasons; goals and intentions can change instantly throughout the year. Focusing on an entire year just isn’t realistic for most people… they are fluid and so breaking them up into smaller chunks makes it so much easier to pivot when need be.

– Reading. I wanted to keep reading novels for myself, get my brain outside of school here and there. I have definitely kept this goal! I am not reading AS MUCH as I was, but I’m still reading when I can!
THIS BLOG! I think I’ve kept up with the blog pretty well too! I managed to get out like 11 posts this month or something like that!
– Create a solid morning routine and make it a habit. This has been a big ol epic fail. Ok so this needs more attention in February because it’s still something I want. (sidebar god it’s so hard in the winter)

– My goal for this was to stay on top of my readings and note taking – so far so good! Shit I can’t believe 3 weeks is almost already done!!! 12 more weeks to go!!

– My goal here was to increase my savings by 10% and pay off my credit card by the end of the month. Good news!!! I paid off my credit card!! But to do so I took some money from my savings to do it. The logic is that I was paying more interest on my credit card than my money was making in savings so I just wiped out the MasterCard and now am focusing on rebuilding my savings in February!

Fitness & Health
– I told you guys about the program I started to help me build my confidence and get me back into the weight room… It lasted for about 2 weeks and then a whole bunch of things happened and the weather has been horrible and I’m making a ton of excuses so needless to say I have to get back into that. BUT fitness hasn’t been gone completely, I’m still teaching and taking spin classes of course.
Dry January: Not 100%, but almost! I’d give myself about a 8/10 on this goal lol.

All in all it was a pretty awesome month! I felt productive, I got some key projects done at work that are exciting and are going to start to grow soon, I love that I’m totally embracing this new world of personal finance, and my health and stress levels have been at pretty decent levels!

I’ve decided not to set specific goals for February, but I want to keep my current goals going. On that note, I’m off to spin class!!

Have a FANTASTIC day my loves <3.

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