Ok I admit, I have a mild podcast obsession. I also really love audio books, I subscribe to Audible, but podcasts are such a good, affordable way to get niche content without having to pay for it.

I am currently on a budget. YES people, I am on a budget. Why? To make sure I don’t have any consumer debt when school is finished, so I’m able to start paying my student loans immediately, and to help me actually save my money instead of spending it providing wages to people who work for MasterCard. With that being said, podcasts are FREE and fit nicely within my budget. 🙂

So what types of podcasts do I listen to? I have some definite niche tastes when it comes to these. I’m a huge fan of the business/marketing podcasts, I find myself gravitating to self-help/motivational podcasts, and as a self-proclaimed true crime junkie (see bio to the right of this blog), I subscribe to quite a few true crime comedy podcasts (yes, true crime comedy is a thing). So for those of you who want some new content to listen to, I would highly recommend checking out these podcasts that I love.

My Favourite Murder! I actually got tickets to see this fantastic duo live on their tour when they come to Toronto next month – I could not be more excited. They are fucking hilarious, they talk about murder (obviously), but they’re also such advocates for mental health and women’s rights that you can’t help but fall in love with them. They’re light hearted take on murder and crime is refreshing, and I find them so funny I laugh all the time.

Serial… the like OG true crime podcast. There’s 3 season and each one examines a different story that has to do with true crime. It’s probably also the most popular true crime podcast out there. The first season is definitely their most popular, about Adnan Syed and whether he was wrongfully convicted or not. It’s a continuous story so go take a listen if you like that stuff!

Optimal Living Daily is a great podcast if you’re not interested in listening to something for an extended period of time. Every day they put out a podcast that’s about 10 minutes long, just giving tips on how to live more optimally! I love love listening to this when I need a pick-me-up for whatever reason, no matter what time of the day. We can always fit in a little bit of motivation!

Style Your Mind was one of the first podcasts I ever started listening to! I was gifted a couple of her books a while ago and loved them, so when she came out with a podcast I was immediately downloading it! She is so great at trying to help you figure out why your own limitations are holding you back, how to break through it and basically live your best life! She’s so empowering, especially if you’re a woman in business. Definitely give her a listen!

The Skift Marketing Podcast is a travel trend marketing podcast! I like listening to it for ideas since I work technically in the travel and hospitality industry doing marketing. They update their podcast weekly and it’s always a topic involving current marketing trends or topics and how they can be applied to the travel business. Love!

Mueller, She Wrote is a podcast about the whole Mueller-Russia investigation and they basically dissect it in a hilarious every week. The other big part is that one of the hosts actually goes by “AG” because she’s an employee of the federal government and can’t use her real name LOL. Sigh I just find these girls so great and easy to talk to, they’re so smart… and the topic is so interesting to me, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

There you have it! Hopefully one of these is your next favourite podcast :).

If you have any recommendations for me, leave them in the comments below!

Talk soon,