I’ve always thought of myself as someone who handled stress well. I do my best work when I’m under pressure to get things done due to timelines and whatnot…. but is that actually the best way to handle things? That question has been on my mind for a while now because I’m balancing a lot of things on my plate right now and, as much as I don’t want to admit it, my motivation levels have been kind of low.

I’m in my final semester of school – that in and of itself should be motivating to just BE DONE. My work is evolving and developing and I’m doing more and more fun and exciting projects, but lately I’ve just been kind of “meh” about both of those things. I joined a fitness group/program that I was so excited to do but I got through half of it and my motivation just totally dropped off… and I’m not sure why. A part of me wants to be all “Type A” about it, but the other part of me wants to go run away to my basement apartment and not communicate with anyone. Even when I try to wake up early, I just want to sleep in so I snooze like 432520 times.

Maybe I need a vacation? Maybe I just handle stress poorly? Maybe I just need to “re-find” my motivation! I’ve been doing some research and looking at other people for ideas about how to do this, and these are some ideas that I’ve come up with.

  • Switch Up My Morning Routine – seriously, I need to stop sleeping past when I set my alarm for. Twice a week I wake up at 5am, and if I just continuously woke up at 5am it would become normal. I do work late one night per week so I let myself sleep in a little longer the morning after that, but otherwise I should be getting up at the same time. I saw that journaling, meditating and creating a strict morning routine is so helpful in recapturing motivation, this might be worth developing…
  • Use Rewards – rewards are always a fun thing to use to help drive motivation. Personally, if I know something is waiting for me at the end of a big project, or I know a big bonus is happening after I can make and implement positive changes, I’m more likely to be focused on that. If there’s something I’ve been meaning to buy, I’m going to use it as my reward and not let myself have it until I finish _____ goal. Seems reasonable and helpful!
  • Make It Public – telling your friends and family about your goal is a great way to stay on track because then people are actually going to hold you accountable to what you’re doing. Make sure to tell people who will actually remember to do so… having weekly meetings or check in dates with them is 1. a great way to spend some time with your friends/family and 2. is a great way to keep you on track in order to keep them updated on what’s done!
  • Write It Down – this is one thing that I do struggle with, writing down goals. I think one big thing I could do is to buy a nice white board, and hang it in a spot in my apartment where I will see it multiple times a day to help keep me on track. This one is so cute!

I think writing about it on here is also helpful. I mean, obviously you guys only see whatever I post online so when I have struggles I want you to see it too.

I am really going to get up on time this week. Just 5 days, that’s all! I can do it – right? I also think breaking up my goals into small chunks seems like way less of a burden on me…so I just need to get up early for 5 days. I got this!

How do you get remotivated when you’ve lost it? Leave me a tip in the comments below!

Talk soon,