I’ve heard so many great things about collagen so it’s something I’ve been looking at trying for a while now. There are undoubtable benefits for consuming collagen, it’s why bone broth has become so popular lately, however not all of us have bone broth hanging out in their fridge at all times (kudos to you if you do!).

I found a great package of collagen powder at Costco (and had a gift card from the holidays – thanks Ma!) so I hummed and hawed a little before ultimately deciding that yes, I’m going to give this a try. So every morning I’ve been adding the recommended amount to either my coffee or my tea. I will admit that I don’t totally see or feel super different, but there’s a lot of benefits that I’m guessing you don’t see/feel. Let’s discuss.

  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body (ie. It’s in your skin, hair, nails, muscles, blood, cartilage and ligaments.
  • It’s the building block that promotes skin elasticity.
  • It holds together bones and muscles.
  • It helps protect your organs.
  • And it provides structure to your joints and ligaments

Beyond that, there are some other bigger health benefits you can reap from incorporating collagen into your diet (your body produces less and less as you get older, and some health concerns will deplete collagen in the body as well).

It can help reduce joint pain.
As you age, the cartilage in your joints weaken and can cause joint pain. Consuming collagen may help reduce joint pain and can possibly reduce pain associated with arthritis.

It can reverse skin aging.
I enjoy this one because my skin has become super important to me since I’ve turned 30. Collagen, an essential protein, provides elasticity to the skin, helping it appear more youthful and healthy!

It helps build muscle and burn fat.
Collagen is a major protein in the muscles, so it’s not a surprise that it can have a big impact on building muscle mass. Collagen also contains a concentrated amount of glycine, an amino acid involved in the synthesis of creatine. It provides your muscles with the energy they need to power through your workout!

Improves digestive health.
Collagen actually helps to strengthen the protective lining of your digestive tract. It’s super important because alterations in the barrier function of the intestine (aka leaky gut syndrome), can allow particles to pass into the blood and causes inflammation (which we can all agree on that we dislike highly).

Taadaaaaaa…. so those are the reasons I researched as to why I decided to ultimately buy the big container of Collagen at Costco. It’s flavourless and you can put it in any beverage you want, even soup if you want to! Definitely one of those supplements that you consider if you’re age is creeping up on you.

Talk soon!