I’ve worn makeup, everyday, for a really long time. As a teenager I loved playing with eye makeup and coming up with different colour combinations. As I grew older I used makeup to hide the pesky acne that my skin seems so prone to.

Makeup was a non-negotiable part of my morning routine. The more makeup I wore, the more my skin broke out; the more my skin broke out, the more makeup I wore. It was a vicious cycle really and never-ending to say the least.

Then I started teaching spin. I felt like I needed to look 100% because I was the instructor. Turns out when you wear makeup to spin class, it either turns your towel orange and black (I used bronzer often, and black mascara), the mascara frequently runs into your eyes (if you’re not wearing waterproof) turning your eyes bright red, or just simply having mascara and eyeliner plastered all around your eyes in general. It wasn’t a good look.

I went through a phase where I was teaching almost every day and eventually it just dawned on me that I was just wasting my makeup because it was all ending up on the gym towel anyways – what was the point? So I stopped wearing makeup to the gym. Then eventually I’d stop wearing makeup to school. And I slowly noticed my skin was clearing up.

Then I turned 30.

I had a smaaaaaalllllll midlife crisis where it’s become very apparent that skincare needs to be my top priority so I can start ageing gracefully. So I stopped wearing makeup anytime I wasn’t either going out to socialize or going to work. Easy as that. It’s saved me a ton of time, my skin is healthier and I think I, in general, am healthier.

If you’re curious, here are some actual reasons beyond turning 30, that we should limit how much makeup we wear.

  • Duh it clogs our pores. Hence why my skin cleared up so much when I stopped wearing it so often. Makeup that is meant to last longer on your skin will go even deeper into your skin and your pores, making it really hard to wash off. Make sure if you do use those types of products that you either use a normal exfoliator or a chemical exfoliator to help unclog the pores.
  • Depending on if you share your makeup/makeup brushes with other people, you can transit infections and bacteria through it. Gross.
  • Ingredients in makeup isn’t super regulated in North America so they can irritate your skin a lot easier, especially if you have a preexisting skin condition. Always make sure to use a test site with new cosmetic products.
  • It can cause eye infections depending on where you place your eyeliner. If you put it right on the tear duct (like I do), debris and other things can get into your eyes a lot easier than if you put the eyeliner below your lashes. Be especially careful with glitter, that shit can get in your eyes and never get out and cut your actual eyeballs.

If you don’t care about that, AT LEAST note that it saves a ton of money when you wear makeup less than half the time you normally do :D.

My fresh face & I are out! Talk to you later!