So it’s now 2019 and I tried my first new workout of the year, something I’ve never done before! I’ve seen Studio Lagree online, I’ve seen friends and acquaintances attending the classes there but I just never really thought about going, until a friend of mine, Trellany, invited me to go to a class with her!

So needless to say, we met up and we went tonight and it was definitely a very challenging workout. As I type this I can feel the muscles in my upper body starting to fatigue lol. We signed up for a class with Stephanie and it seemed like a standard normal class that we picked. If you don’t know what Studio Lagree is, it’s a pilates type class that uses a machine called the Megaformer, basically a slide reformer machine with cables that allow you to pull yourself up and down the slider thing as resistance. I’m explaining this horribly.

ANYWAYS… We got there early and the lady at the front desk was so nice and lovely, she walked us through how it would go normally (when we weren’t showing up for the first time) and provided me with a pair of the socks with sticky rubbers on the bottom of them (a non-negotiable so that you don’t slide off the megaformer). When class started, we let Stephanie know that we were new to the class so she had us sit in the middle so she could go through all the in’s and out’s of the megaformer and a few tips about the moves we’d be doing in the class.

Ok guys – full disclosure. I NEVER do any sort of… strength… core…. stuff. All I’ve been doing recently is spinning, which when you do too often, you burn off muscle mass. So if you put 2 and 2 together, I have 0 strength. 5 minutes into the class we had done a bunch of crunches and I was definitely ready to throw in the towel. That’s when she switched it up on us and we started to destroy our legs. I mean destroy in a nice way, of course.

The workout itself was really great and doable, I think what added that extra level of intensity was adding a LOT of balance into the mix, since the reformer moves forwards and backwards and sometimes 1 foot would be on a stationary part while the other foot was on the moving part…. there was just a lot of balance involved. My little balance muscles are going to feel it tomorrow.

The very ending move of the class was a V-sit and I gave everything I had, my body was shaking so bad I’m sure people were thinking I was convulsing but we finished it and we were so proud! We were definitely nervous going into the class but I’m glad that we were so glad we made it through! The instructor (Stephanie) was so great, she was so accommodating for our beginner abilities lol and gave us smaller modifications that we could use instead of what the rest of the class was doing.

On that note, I’m officially WHIPPED after today and it’s bed time for this girl. What an awesome way to start 2019! 😀 Thanks Trellany (if you ever read this) for the invite and getting my butt into some place new!

xx Sarah