Well, here we are. A fresh start, at least that’s how I have to look at this whole insane situation lol.

As you may have noticed, my blog looks a bit… well, empty. Let’s start at the very beginning….

I updated a bunch of plugins on my site, which was clearly mistake number 1. My WordPress site completely crashed and I couldn’t even get to the backend to login. Me and my lack of any sort of advanced IT knowledge didn’t really know what to do…. so I asked who I could and still no luck. So I resort to Fiverr to a man whom I’ve used before but kind of screwed me over in terms of price once or twice (should have been my first clue).

He figured out what was wrong and said the work he had to do was worth more than what I had purchased. He “fixed it” and told me to go check it out. Negatiiiiive. My whole entire blog was changed to a secret staging site I had been working on, my login was different, the content was erased and the customized appearance I had created myself was gone. GREAT. He couldn’t reverse what he had done, GoDaddy couldn’t help me… so here I am.. with zero blog content.. and what I’m choosing to look at as a “fresh start”.

It is kind of cool because 2019 is a week away and the cliche lover in me is all “new year new you” most times, so why not “new year new blog” this time around? 2019 is already lining up to be a pretty epic year. From finally finishing my degree, to travelling in Europe for 2 weeks, to other smaller trips that I have lined up and launching my career into “full steam ahead”. I have never been more excited for a new year than I am for 2019!

I like to think that things happen for a reason, so I’m going to repost any content I can find on file, and then we’ll be starting all over again! I’m excited to see what happens :).

What are your big plans for 2019?