Half-Marathon Training – Into Week 4

Remember the time I signed up for a half-marathon again? Well, we’re into week number 4 so 1-month is already done. And I will admit, I haven’t stuck to my training program as much as I should have. I had a big weekend of fitness (CanFitPro) and I wasn’t

Caffeine & Type 1 Diabetes

I am a self-proclaimed coffee junkie. Somedays it goes even beyond coffee & I dive into the world of energy drinks (desperate times, amirite?). Caffeine and type 1 diabetes are an interesting combination! I’ve been noticing that even when I drink black coffee or sugar-free energy drinks, my blood

Fashion Heals 4 Sick Kids

I love volunteering and giving back to the community. I always have, I even got an award from the Legion once when I was younger for how much volunteering I did to help out in the community. I’ve volunteered in retirement homes, I’ve volunteered for an Alzheimer’s charity, for

So, I Signed Up For Another Half-Marathon

You may be wondering, another? When did you do the first one? and that is a valid question. It’s been a hot minute (errr, 7 years) since I ran my first half-marathon so to do another one now, it’s almost like doing it for the first time again. There

Why A Low Carb Diet Works For Me

Well first off, if you haven’t heard, I’m officially done university!! It’s so strange, when I come home from work I can like…. make dinner, or not. Or watch Netflix, or not. Or do laundry, or not. Or maybe I can go out and socialize after work if I

Why I Might Be Exercising Too Much

As long as I can remember, I’ve been told that being active is what brings up your energy and keeps you awake all day long. This is mostly why I’ve wanted to become a morning workout-er, to get my blood pumping and wake me up and energized for the

Importance Of Energy Focus

Stop putting your time and effort into things that aren’t benefiting you. No truer words have come into my life lately. It’s hard! I know first hand how we can get attached to things and people that aren’t benefiting us. Whether it’s a friend or partner or a job