Half-Marathon Training – Into Week 4

Remember the time I signed up for a half-marathon again? Well, we’re into week number 4 so 1-month is already done. And I will admit, I haven’t stuck to my training program as much as I should have. I had a big weekend of fitness (CanFitPro) and I wasn’t

Caffeine & Type 1 Diabetes

I am a self-proclaimed coffee junkie. Somedays it goes even beyond coffee & I dive into the world of energy drinks (desperate times, amirite?). Caffeine and type 1 diabetes are an interesting combination! I’ve been noticing that even when I drink black coffee or sugar-free energy drinks, my blood

Fashion Heals 4 Sick Kids

I love volunteering and giving back to the community. I always have, I even got an award from the Legion once when I was younger for how much volunteering I did to help out in the community. I’ve volunteered in retirement homes, I’ve volunteered for an Alzheimer’s charity, for

So, I Signed Up For Another Half-Marathon

You may be wondering, another? When did you do the first one? and that is a valid question. It’s been a hot minute (errr, 7 years) since I ran my first half-marathon so to do another one now, it’s almost like doing it for the first time again. There

Why A Low Carb Diet Works For Me

Well first off, if you haven’t heard, I’m officially done university!! It’s so strange, when I come home from work I can like…. make dinner, or not. Or watch Netflix, or not. Or do laundry, or not. Or maybe I can go out and socialize after work if I

Why I Might Be Exercising Too Much

As long as I can remember, I’ve been told that being active is what brings up your energy and keeps you awake all day long. This is mostly why I’ve wanted to become a morning workout-er, to get my blood pumping and wake me up and energized for the