Why A Low Carb Diet Works For Me

Well first off, if you haven’t heard, I’m officially done university!! It’s so strange, when I come home from work I can like…. make dinner, or not. Or watch Netflix, or not. Or do laundry, or not. Or maybe I can go out and socialize after work if I

Why I Might Be Exercising Too Much

As long as I can remember, I’ve been told that being active is what brings up your energy and keeps you awake all day long. This is mostly why I’ve wanted to become a morning workout-er, to get my blood pumping and wake me up and energized for the

Importance Of Energy Focus

Stop putting your time and effort into things that aren’t benefiting you. No truer words have come into my life lately. It’s hard! I know first hand how we can get attached to things and people that aren’t benefiting us. Whether it’s a friend or partner or a job

How’s The Weightlifting Going?

Happy Friday y’all. I got back into weight training this year (2019), and I’m glad that I did. I originally had signed up for a program (30 Days To Fit) and it was so helpful getting my confidence up so I could continue my weight training workouts! If you’re hesitant

My Alone Time

I’m sitting here watching Paris Is Burning, sipping on some Frozen Raspberry David’s Tea, and indulging myself with a rose water facial mask (thanks Ma!) and just doing a little reflection on my day today. I honestly didn’t do much, I taught a spin class, and then I went

Practicing Patience.

A lot of the posts I’ve been writing lately are less personal, more about “things” whether it be a recipe, a book, something I made or something I’ve started eating. When I first got into blogging, I used it for a much different reason. I was personal, open and

New Recipe: Tuna Poke Bowl

I’m obsessed with poke… like, totally. I love fish, I love the veggies, I love rice, I love everything in poke. With that being said, poke is god damn expensive. $20 for a bowl?? I don’t think so. So, I’ve started making my own bowls! I absolutely love how