Nutribar Giveaway Contest + Promo!

Hayyyyy guys, It’s been a while since I’ve done a contest or a product review of any sort but you know me and offers of free food – I am all about that lol. When the lovely people over at Nutribar Canada contacted me asking if I’d be interested in trying their product and offering […]

Recipe: Shrimp Ceviche

Summer is a great time for cooking. So many things are in season, people love to spending time outside BBQing, everything is just a lot more refreshing. Summer is also a great time to make some seriously awesome salads/ceviches. I had a craving for something super fresh and satisfying last night, and I remembered a […]

Guys, My Diet Has Been Awful & I Feel Terrible

So the title pretty much sums up what this post is about… my diet has been terrible and my body literally feels terrible. Now one may wonder, what does “my diet being terrible” mean, exactly? I’d like to think that if someone’s diet consists almost exclusively of dim sum and ice cream, that’s pretty bad. […]

Prince Edward County: Trip #1 June 2018

Heyyoooo from The County! PEC! Or… Prince Edward County as it is more formally known. (Edit – I didn’t finish this blog while I was there, so I’m back in TO now for anyone wondering :P) Whatssss up on this beautifully not-too-hot-not-too-cold day! I’m on a little “staycation/minor getaway” from today until Thursday.. I’m out […]

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What A Week – BUT Good News!

As you know, this week was off to kind of a rough start because I had caught the dreaded cold that is apparently making its rounds quite quickly. I managed to pretty much steer clear of dairy and I ate some pretty awesome food while being very healthy overall. Tonight I celebrated my healthy achievements […]

Ugh, I Woke Up Sick

I kind of get overly cocky at the fact that I honestly never get sick, it’s a verrrrry rare occurrence. However, the karma god’s have shown me otherwise and today when I woke up from a sweet slumber (much too early, I may add – work starts at 7am today), I had a swollen throat, […]

Adventures In Les Mills RPM Training

During the last weekend in February, I took a weekend long course learning the in’s and out’s of teaching the Les Mills RPM Program, a first step in ultimately becoming an instructor. I was soooo excited for training, and since then I’ve spent two months team teaching awesome riders with two of (in my opinion) […]

New York City 2017

Back in March, a boy and I decided that we should take a little weekend getaway to New York… just get out of Toronto and basically eat our way through New York City. We literally did just that. Granted, we opted for two cycling classes while we were there and we walked A LOT all around […]