My Birthday Week

Hey guys,

This week has been complete and utter madness. It was my birthday on Tuesday (yep – Halloween!) and it’s actually been non-stop all week long…. Before I dive into the craziness I need to first thank every single person that took the time to either write on my Facebook page, or shoot me a message, or call, or spend time with me. It was so appreciated more than I can tell you!! I love love love you all so much.

Hello From The Other Siiiiiide…..

Heyy guyssss!!!

Haha eek – it’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog. So many, but yet not many things to update you all on! I don’t really even know where to start! I’m still chugging away at my new job at The Beverley Hotel! Remember, from my last post? I made my own job there a couple of months ago and I now schedule cool events, help people plan parties, and help with marketing for the hotel! It’s honestly the best, I am loving it so much. 

The Time I Made My Own Job

I know, it sounds a bit weird. How do you go and make your own job? No, I didn’t start my own business, I made my own job. I work at a small hotel, The Beverley Hotel, that was recently bought by a couple new, really cool guys. After almost 3 years of being a front desk agent at this hotel, I observed a need for something that the company didn’t yet have.

The Gym Is Scary – Tips For Getting Started!

I know that sounds a bit strange, but the gym can be an intimidating place. And for the amount that I’m at the gym, you’d think I’d be over it – I can only imagine what people who never go to the gym feel like when they step inside for the first time.If I’m being completely candid with you, I still have yet to even walk into the weight lifting area of my gym. The gym I go to is two floors, and the RPM/Group Fitness studios are all on the lower floor, while the cardio and weights are on the upper.

Friendships: They Key To Happiness

I’ve never been one to have a huge group of friends really. I had different best friends throughout elementary school, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I had a big group of friends. I had my handful of people and that was all. Same when I got to high school. Our group consisted of about 5-6 girls, but by the end of high school most had moved away and I just kept to myself until I was finished.

Double RPM Wednesdays Can Be Challenging – Today It Was Good!

I teach RPM twice on Wednesdays. At noon at the GoodLife Fitness at 137 Yonge, and at 5:30 pm at the GoodLife Fitness at Scotia Plaza (YAY shameless plug – come to my class!) and normally on Wednesdays, I’m pretty tired. I can ride two RPM classes just fine, I can even teach one and ride one, or ride two back-to-back, but teaching two is hard. I’m still getting used to it.