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New Recipe: Tofu Hummus Wrap!

Today I woke up feeling really friggen good. I’ve had a bit of a rough patch that I’m working through lately and today I was super mindful with how I was feeling and totally ran with it. I got up, made my bed (I ALWAYS do this – I don’t know why…) made some green […]

My Fav 3 Herbs To Always Have On Hand

I kinda really love food… and even more, I love making my own food! I find it really satisfying creating a final product that’s both nutritious and delicious out of a bunch of other ingredients! I try and keep my recipes as “clean” as possible… aka, I use whole foods and single ingredients, and things […]

Ugh, I Woke Up Sick

I kind of get overly cocky at the fact that I honestly never get sick, it’s a verrrrry rare occurrence. However, the karma god’s have shown me otherwise and today when I woke up from a sweet slumber (much too early, I may add – work starts at 7am today), I had a swollen throat, […]