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I Forgot How Much I Love Change

Hey guys, Happy (now past) Valentine’s Day! My dearest friend Patrick made me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day and it was the 2nd time in my whole life that a man has gotten me flowers for Valentine’s… the first time, however, I did ask for them lol… so I’m not sure […]

Journey Into Hygge

Hey guys, Hygge has become somewhat of a popular new trend that is really only new for us over here in North America.. it’s an ancient Danish concept centred around finding happiness in everyday  moments. Some different explanations are: Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the Danish art of creating joy & coziness in life’s everyday moments, whatever the season […]

20 Days Alcohol Free

Hey guys, In my last post I wrote about being alcohol free, I’m not sure for how long but it’s quickly becoming an entire lifestyle change. I’ve hit the big 20-day mark with no alcohol and to be completely honest with you, I haven’t felt this healthy and… clear? I guess is the word… in […]