About Sarah

Hey guys – I’m Sarah, nice to meet you 🙂

I’ve always enjoyed being active… growing up I was always playing outside, or swimming, or doing gymnastics or dancing. In high school, I got into fitness. I did my co-op placement at the gym in my hometown and by the age of 18, I got my first certification in Personal Training.

I ended up doing my first post-secondary diploma in Fitness & Health Promotion where I got my second Personal Training Certification and started working full time in the fitness industry at a company called canfitpro. I worked in the Education Department where I did curriculum planning and Presenter contracting for the numerous fitness industry conferences they held across the country (Canada), including their Toronto conference which was the largest fitness conference in North America.

I left my position there to make a move to a larger city (Toronto) where I start a new position in the fitness industry, working for GoodLife Fitness in their Corporate Business/Development department. After a couple years there I wasn’t feeling totally fulfilled so I decided to leave the working world and head back to school again, but this time I decided to take business with a major in Marketing.

I finished up my Advanced Diploma With Honours at George Brown College in Business Administration Marketing and am now in my last year at Ryerson Universtiy getting my undergrad degree in Business Management with a major in Marketing.

Outside of that, I work A LOT. I have two part-time jobs and I teach Les Mills RPM 2-5x/week at GoodLife Fitness here in Toronto.

  • I love love love riding my bike around the city.
  • I absolutely love teaching RPM – my riders are so amazing and I honestly show up and teach for them.
  • I love healthy food and nutrition, cooking is one of my most favourite things to do (and a bonus if I get to cook for someone other than myself).
  • I enjoy a nice glass of red wine while I’m reading or watching TV.
  • I love seafood.
  • I drink too much coffee.
  • I’m just getting into Yoga.
  • I love meeting new people – so introduce yourself or send me an email!

Talk soon,

xo S