Yep! Flight is booked and everything. In July I’m heading to cover 3 countries (France, Austria, Italy, 4 if we count my layover in Iceland) in 2 weeks + 1 day.


Ok so I’m going to post about 1 country at a time, because if I posted about all of them at once the post would be really long. So first up? France. More specifically, Paris. For about 30 hours.

Yes, 30 hours.

Originally I was going to not go to France and fly directly to Vienna, Austria but flying into Paris was about $500 cheaper, so I decided to leave a day earlier and spend a day roaming the City Of Love.

I’ve booked my hotel already, and I’m staying at the Hotel Palais De Chailliot, a cute little hotel in the 16th arrondissement. Here are some really cute photos of the hotel….

The hotel is so close to most of the major attractions I want to definitely see while I’m there. A 15-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, the L’Arc de Triomphe and about a half hour walk from the Louvre!

A friend of mine also recommended I do a night bike tour with a group while I’m there, so I’m obviously going to do that. The tour company is Fat Tire Tours and this is what is included, as per the website…

Come along for an unforgettable evening showcasing the illuminated sites, and also enjoy a spectacular boat cruise on the Seine. Here is the line-up for the evening…

Bike through the Latin Quarter and witness the best nightlife in town. Ride around the Île de la Cité, along the river and enjoy ice cream at Berthillon (the most famous ice cream shop in Paris). Cross over the picnic-filled Pont des Arts bridge and enjoy the sunset over the Paris rooftops. See the Louvre as never before and relax onboard a boat cruise on the Seine. Did we mention free wine is provided on the boat?

YEP COUNT ME IN! I figure this is kind of a cool way to meet other people on my short time there too! And ice cream. And wine. Sigh, I’m going to be fighting jet lag HARD but it’s so worth it.

The Latin Quarter area

The Île de la Cité

Berthillon Ice Cream

Pont des Arts Bridge

Paris rooftops

Louvre At Night

Boat Cruise

Then the next morning I think I’m going to do my own thing, grab some good food, cheese, do some shopping, bread, wine… before heading to the airport in the later afternoon. I haven’t exactly planned out the day yet, I have to find coffee shops and cute places to grab a good cheese plate + bread + wine for lunch (yep, no shame). I want to do a bit of shopping of course, grab some things to remind me of my trip to Paris and grab some souvenirs for friends + family and then I’ll be on my way.

It’s going to be one whirlwind of a trip but it’s going to be amazing. Gah I can’t wait. 268 days!