Hayyyyy guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a contest or a product review of any sort but you know me and offers of free food – I am all about that lol. When the lovely people over at Nutribar Canada contacted me asking if I’d be interested in trying their product and offering a contest on the blog, duh I did – bars are LIFE.

So last week I got a notice that I had a delivery and I was SO PUMPED that my samples had arrived. Little did I know they would send me SEVEN full boxes of Nutribars. Guys, I was so pumped. They sent me all of the following flavours:

  • Original Chocolate Fudge
  • Original Belgian Chocolate
  • High Protein Caramel Nouget
  • High Protein Chocolate Truffle
  • High Protein Double Chocolate Fudge
  • High Protein Milk Chocolate Peanut
  • Health Brand Date & Walnut Bars

Nutribar labels themselves bars to be part of your active lifestyle, and I like to think that my lifestyle is fairly active so this already fits well into what I would use them for. My days are buuuuusy.. on days when I work, I have to be there for 7am which doesn’t leave a ton of time for cooking and eating breakfast (unless I get up at like 4:30am and that’s so not happening). I started using the Nutribars with High Protein as my breakfast to hold me over for my longer mornings, and they didn’t disappoint.

The first one that I dug into was the Date & Walnut Bar. If you’ve ever tried a Lara Bar, they are kind of similar in texture except these ones are less sweet (which I enjoyed) and have a lot more nuts in them. I love these bars a lot and take them with me whenever I go to school to snack on during class. I also have been bringing the High Protein Milk Chocolate Peanut with me to work for breakfast (who doesn’t want chocolate + peanuts for breakfast).

To be completely honest with you, I’m not a HUGE fan of protein bars. Not because I don’t think they are healthy, but because a lot of them have a gross texture or gross aftertaste, and I’d rather just eat real food than try and shove these chalky bars into my mouth… but these ones actually aren’t chalky AT all which is absolutely what I love most about these guys. Another thing that sets these bars apart from other protein bars is that they aren’t meant to be a snack in between meals, these are straight up meal replacement bars for when you’re too busy to sit and eat an entire meal. I really appreciated this on Mondays when I teach spin during lunch and then have to rush to my other job immediately after. I don’t have time to eat a full meal but I do have time to eat one of these on my 15 minute walk over. It was super helpful and I stopped feeling sluggish in the afternoon from forgetting to eat.

So with that being said – Nutribar wants to give someone $75 worth of their bars! Check out how to enter using the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
On top of that, Nutribar is having a big deal all summer long on their products. If you want to purchase anything online (click here), you can use the code…


… at checkout for 50% off of your order until July 30, 2018!

I can’t wait to see who wins! 🙂

Talk soon,