If y’all are following me on the IG (and if you’re not – uh, why not? ;)) you know that this was the first year with a hardcore road bike. I splurged at The Toronto Bike Show this past spring and got myself a pretty 2017 Giant Defy Advanced 3. This was probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased in my life (I know, all my shoes included…) and the high blood pressure was real as I swiped that card through the payment thinger.

The good news is, spending so much on a bike is super motivation to actually USE the bike, so at least there’s that. For those of you who have yet to see my beautiful new ride, this is him….

My goal with this bike is to do a 100km ride before my birthday. So far, I’ve done a 50k ride and let me tell you…. riding outside is NOT the same as riding indoors to awesome music with awesome people while the bike sits firmly in place. This was my first “country ride” meaning I was clipped in, had cycling shorts on, it was intense. Myself and a friend went out and we took their car. We got the bikes off and they took off in front of me (I was going to follow since I hadn’t done this before and they had a million times) and the parking lot was slanted just enough so it felt like going up a small hill when you pushed off. My one foot was clipped in and as I pushed down to get myself going, I was to move my other leg out of the way just to get momentum before I clipped both shoes into my pedals.

Well, needless to say I moved about 1-inch and the pedal caught the back of my leg, I went into a dead stop. I panicked, tried unclipping my foot quickly but it wasn’t coming out and I tipped completely over onto my left side. Right beside the car, I hadn’t even moved or cycled anywhere yet lol. So embarrassing. Whatever – I’m a newb and I knew this would happen. I laughed and shook it off and away we went.

Fast forward about 15 kilometers and ya know, it’s going ok. It was the morning, I hadn’t had a lot to eat or a lot of water to drink. I haven’t gotten the hang of reaching down and unclipping my water bottle from my cageless holder quite yet… It got hotter out quickly and I was wearing a jacket, so it just kind of was extremely unpleasant. I had a couple of panic moments, I powered up some massive hills and was out of breathe so needed to stop and catch my breathe and eat something, and then I came to a stop sign at one point and I was stopped and I’m not sure what happened but I lost my balance and fell over on the side that I was clipped in on instead of the foot that I had loose, and I fell onto my left side again. This time I was so insanely frustrated, I hated it, I was so pissed off, I cried I was so angry and hungry and thirsty and it was just SO BAD lol.

Whatever, I powered through and made it to the half way mark, which was this awesome bakery where there were a ton of other cyclists and I mowed down a massive breakfast and a coffee and a donut and a ton of water. We couldn’t hang out too long because I had to go to work in the afternoon so we headed back. Turns out the second half is a lot more downhill than the ride there, and now that I had food and coffee and water, my way back to the car was HALF THE TIME of the bike ride on the way to the bakery.

Needless to say I haven’t been back out in the country since (not just because it was a horrible experience, but I’ve been insane busy with school and work… sigh!) but this week I’ll be making my return and I’m praying to god I have a more positive experience on the bike. My poor baby has taken some serious tumbles lol, I’d love to not hurt him even further!

My bruises and scratches are all healed. I feel like now I have a better idea of what it’s like to actually be out there and clipped in. I know now to have extra layers on even if it’s cooler out when I start and I definitely know I need to eat more food and drink more water before I get out there!

Let’s see what this week will bring…

Talk soon!