Taste of Little Italy 2018

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Taste of Little Italy 2018

This past weekend was the Taste of Little Italy festival here in Toronto. I go almost every year and it’s always SO HOT and I always eat WAY TOO MUCH food. I mean, it’s a food festival, what else can you expect really? It’s located in… you guessed it… Little Italy!

It was oddly hot out on Sunday afternoon when I went, but I kept drinking a lot of cold fluids, eating a lot of ice aaaaand shoving my face full of gelato! When in Little Italy, you must have gelato – right? That was absolutely my first stop on my 2-round tour of the entire festival. I had Bacio (chocolate hazelnut) & strawberry… it was delightful.

I should have taken more photos really… I was too busy scouting my next meal obviously.

To be perfectly honest, I was a little bit disappointed with the entire thing. When you go to a festival called “The Taste of Little Italy”, I’m sure you assume it’s going to be full of Italian food – which is what I hope for every single year. And every single year I’m kind of let down. I mean, it was scorching out and who wants to eat hot Italian pasta – but what about that cold Italian tomato soup? Anyways, there was I guess some pizza, some rice balls… but then there was a ton of Asian/Thai food, Mexican food, Caribbean food…. it was very odd.

At festivals like this, the food is insanely overpriced. One small cup of gelato cost me almost $6. One taco (yes… I had a taco at an Italian food festival) was $6. BUT there was one thing specifically that was ridiculously overpriced but I bought anyways because I’m a sucker and get roped into these things….

Yup, that is half a watermelon hallowed out, filled with watermelon blended with ice, with a cute umbrella and big ass straw. The price?


I KNOW PEOPLE. Insane. The only reason I justified this was because if you posted a photo of your drink and followed them, you got a free refill. So really it was only like $5 each. So… not so bad….?

Besides that, I ate some Thai pork skewers, some grilled octopus, a $6 hard shell taco that I’m pretty sure was from that El Paso grocery store shell brand thing, oooo and a deliciously warm chocolate drizzled custard tart. And an iced green tea. Basically when I got home I made a massive salad and that had for dinner because I was at my maximum amount of junk food for the day.

Taco Fest was also happening, and so was The Beaches Rib Fest… I kind of wish I would have went to either of those instead. But such is life.

Next time I’m at a food festival, I promise to take WAY more photos – what a fail I was that day – sheesh.

Have you ever been to a food festival where the food was just completely random and not in sync with the theme???

Talk soon,

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