Heyyoooo from The County! PEC! Or… Prince Edward County as it is more formally known. (Edit – I didn’t finish this blog while I was there, so I’m back in TO now for anyone wondering :P)

Whatssss up on this beautifully not-too-hot-not-too-cold day! I’m on a little “staycation/minor getaway” from today until Thursday.. I’m out of the city officially and in the country – wine country that is.

Prince Edward County is an awesome little spot between Toronto and Ottawa and has actually become super trendy and “instagrammable” recently. A lot of really cool spots have been opening up here; The Drake Devonshire, The June Motel… there’s Lavendar fields and beaches and a million different wineries that are all so cute. I love love love it. I even passed by an Alpaca farm today which I’m seriously considering going back to tomorrow just to see if I can play with some of them.

I got here earlier this afternoon and dropped my bike off at the Airbnb that we rented (which belongs to my boss – if you wanna check it out, click here!) then ended up going to The Drake Devonshire for lunch.

I needed to remind myself about a gazillion times that this isn’t Toronto and people don’t move at Toronto speeds here, it took forever to get lunch but not in a bad way, in a “this is a leisurely place so we don’t need to rush” kind of way. It was right along the water so I sat on the patio so I could look out over the water while I ate my burger and chips & guac.

Clearly because I work in a hotel, I checked out the front desk as well – so hip and trendy!!

From there, I went on a little tour to the lavender field , Prince Edward County Lavender, just outside of where I’m staying and it was super cooooool.

The lavender wasn’t totally bloomed as of yet, so I want to check it out again when I come back in August, but I did manage to get my hands on some lavender gelato, lavender soap and still took photos of the baby lavender lol. They had pretty much everything lavender infused… even this super pretty vinegar!

I’m going back to PEC in August so I’m definitely going to stop by this place again and hopefully the lavender will be much bigger and more purple then!

Straight up, I totally read an article about “the most Instagramable places in PEC” and this had a large influence on the places I decided to check out LOL. Next up? A big purple barn… well, a winery. It was so cute and duh who doesn’t want to go check out a bright purple barn?

It was super cute. I legit only went there to get a photo out front so I was there for about 3 minutes and then onto the next thing….

I had seen on Facebook for like, 2 years now, a post from BlogTO on this “epic suspension bridge” that was only a couple hours from Toronto. It was only another 1 hour from PEC so I decided to go see what this epicness entailed. It is located inside Ferris Provincial Park and it’s called the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge. I was super stoked about this, #diditforthegram.

Buuuuuuuut, while it was pretty cool, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The photo in the article  makes the bridge look A LOT bigger than it actually is, you can walk across it in about 15 seconds. It’s not that high, and it doesn’t really sway like you think it would. It was cool for sure, and good to see if you happen to be going there for something, but I definitely wouldn’t drive two hours JUST to go see it. But here are some pictures!

After all of this I crashed and needed a nap. Zzzzzzzz…….

I gathered myself and realized I needed to go into town so I could get some food stuff, so I went into Picton! This was the first time I’d been there so I didn’t really know what to expect. I stopped at the grocery store, but then quickly realized I was near THE JUNE MOTEL. If you follow them on IG you know exactly why I capitalized that.

It’s the cutest refurbished vintage motel in PEC and the two ladies that took it over have made it sooooo cute. It’s very boho-chic meets Palm Springs style. I couldn’t WAIT to go see it. I didn’t get to check out any rooms (they are often sold out) but I did manage to get inside the lobby area and check out their new patio and little shop that they have.

Yes I bought a mug just so I had proof that I went there LOL. Guys this place is serious decor goals. It makes me wanna buy a half-million dollar condo just so I can make it look like this…. Sigh. This is definitely a place where you should go have a drink on the patio by the fire. Especially if you want a cool IG photo … :).

That was the end of my first day in PEC – it was time to head home and build a fire and just wind down before hitting the sac. The sunset that night was absolutely insanely gorgeous..


Ok onto Day #2.

I found the cutest cafe ever just down the street from my Airbnb, called the Enid Grace Cafe. The town of Wellington is mostly closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so this was the first day it was open that I was around. At first I didn’t think it was a food place, I just thought it was more coffee & pastries, but they actually have some pretty epic breakfast options.

For breakfast I had the smoked salmon bagel on a cheddar homemade bagel, and the cheddar made it SUPER crispy and it was sooo delicious. The patio was so cute, the coffee was tasty (and came with a free refill!) and the food was delish. I would definitely recommend checking this place out – I’ll be back in August for sure!

After breakfast I decided to go back into the town of Picton to walk around and explore more. Some of the places there are so friggen adorable! There was this awesome bookstore and I made a friend while I was there…

Aweeeeeee so cute. Who needs books when you have cats to play with – amirite? 🙂

The town is so small, it reminded me of my hometown, and they have signs everywhere advertising this Chip Truck (french fries), so obviously I went! It’s known for having some of the best french fries in town, and a man even went up to the counter after he was finished and let them know that they were still the best in town – so nice. It literally is a chip truck – check it out.

SO cute. On the way back I spotted a little farmer’s market with fresh fruit and veggies, so I stopped in…. then I realized that we were by some sheep and lambs and pigs – clearly I no longer cared about vegetables and had to go hang out with the animals. Awe guys, sheep are super creepy looking BUT lambs are the most adorable. Same with big pigs and piglets. I wish I could have fed them but the owner said that if everyone wanted to feed them they’d get super fat and apparently that’s not good. Lol…

That brings me into the afternoon when I decided to go cycling. We (yes one other person is with me – none of your business who! Lol) made our way out into the area where all the wineries are, and stopped in for a quick tasting of some local white wines. To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of any of the wines that they happened to make, but it was fun to do a blind taste test none the less. There are so many different wineries in the area, you could easily hop from each of them and make a day out of it!

So then that was online like 13km in, we wanted to ride a solid 50km so we went out and totally crushed it!! I didn’t fall ONE TIME!! It was such a good experience, the hills are super manageable, a lot of flats, really pretty scenery and just great weather! The head winds made the riding a little hard but nothing I couldn’t get myself through. I was so so so excited that I did it and didn’t fall or cry or hate my life once while I was out. Sigh, I’m catching the bug guys.

And then it was back to the Airbnb for the last campfire before heading home…. There was definitely s’mores and wine involved. 🙂

It was soooooo nice to get out of the city for a couple days and explore this new area that I’ve never been. I definitely understand why it’s become more and more popular recently! If you get the chance to go I would highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy food, wine and being outside!

I’m soooo excited to be going back again in August – 80km on the bike next time!! 😛

Have you been to PEC before? What did you think?

Talk soon,