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If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that for a couple years, I had a sweet sweet love affair with running! Back in 2012 I did my first (and only) half-marathon, and I’ve done numerous other 5k and 10k races. I blogged a lot about my running, my nutrition, my other workouts that helped me train for races, and then I stopped running and stopped blogging so much.

I’ve been on a running hiatus for a few years, I took up spinning, then subsequently cycling, have been doing a ton of group fitness…. but I wanted a new challenge. This summer I decided was the time to sign up for some 10k races again! About a month ago I did the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon 10k race and then today I did the Lululemon Toronto Waterfront 10k! 

The GoodLife Toronto 10km was the first one I’ve done in a while, and I had the best intentions of training for this race. I downloaded the 10km training app, and between working and spinning and schooling, needless to say I got in a whole lot of NO training before that race. I do a lot of spin so my cardio wasn’t going to be an issue, but spin muscles and running muscles are very different and I was super nervous about being sore. It was a Sunday morning run and I’ve done the course many times in other races. I stuck with my plan of running 9 minutes, walking 1 minute until the end of the race. I ended up taking an extended walk break near the end which I later regretted.

BUT with that being said, I was super proud that I went out there and just did it! I estimated my time to be in and around an hour and my official time was 1:00:11 LOL, I was over an hour by ELEVEN SECONDS. Once I got that result I was super pissed that I walked extra because I could have clocked in under an hour!!!! I was so mad guys lol, but I was still happy with the result, and I wasn’t too sore afterwards! I had to walk to find a streetcar to get home after the race which I think was helpful, so I could walk it off instead of letting everything seize up. I made a goal that day of finishing my next race under an hour….

Which leads me into the race today!

This was the first Lululemon sponsored run that I’ve ever done and there were some definite pros and cons. I’ll break it down for you…


  1. The start line was super accessible and it was on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. When other races start at 7am in north areas of the city on a Sunday, it makes it super difficult to get there because the subway doesn’t start running on Sunday’s until 8am. So I was happy that today it was super easy to get to that spot.
  2. Lululemon definitely knows how to make a run fun and hype it up. All along the run there were different spots where there was different people cheering us on! There were people playing steel drums at one spot, at another there was about 20 spin bikes lining the side of the road with awesome music and people cheering us on, there was confetti bombs, fans that sprayed mist (that was awesome), they had the best signs with the funniest quotes, and they had awesome announcers all along the route that were hilarious and it was just a good time all around.
  3. At the end of the race, people didn’t just hand you your medal, they put it on you! That was nice.
  4. You got a medal, water, electrolytes, a banana, a pretzel, and this super cool silver metallic Lulu bag to put it all in.
  5. There was awesome stretching in the park after, they had meditation stations, they had this cool little fair in the park where you could go to see a bunch of different vendors, they had lots of walk-and-repeats, it was neat!

Ok so there’s only 1….

  1. Way too many people were running this race. It was actually really frustrating trying to get past people but not having the space to because the roads were too congested for about the first half of the race.

All in all the race was fantastic! And as I mentioned before, my goal was to clock in my official time under an hour, and when I looked it up today my official time was 58:51!!! Woooooooo!!!! I shaved about 1 minute and 20 seconds off my time!! I also had the best intentions of training for this one before hand too and as you can probably image, that didn’t happen. Oops.

And so now, I’m back in running retirement. For now. Maybe next summer I’ll do some more races but that’s all for this year! I’m actually really happy with it all. I’m glad to have hit the pavement again, I’m proud of my fitness and the fact that I can just go out and run a 10k and be fine, and I’m just really happy!