So the title pretty much sums up what this post is about… my diet has been terrible and my body literally feels terrible.

Now one may wonder, what does “my diet being terrible” mean, exactly?

I’d like to think that if someone’s diet consists almost exclusively of dim sum and ice cream, that’s pretty bad. I KNOW GUYS I’m normally pretty darn good at this whole “food self control” thing. I make my own food usually, I know what I’m putting into my body, but I also understand the concept of balance so I also don’t deprive myself or restrict myself – if I wanna have a glass of rosé, I’m gonna have a class of rosé – amirite?

But I’ve noticed for about a week now that I just feel so run down and terrible. I have zero energy, I wake up tired, with a dry mouth and suuuuper dark pee (sorry if that’s TMI – I like to be transparent here..). I love salt, salt is my downfall for sure, but when my pee is dark gold? That’s no good Sarah. I’m seriously going to have to do a “bad carb” detox and I know how hard this is from experience. I’ve done it many times and I know it takes about 10 days for the cravings to subside. Wahhhhh I don’t waaaaaant to. But I do. – See the struggle here?

Good food = good body = good performance and I know my workouts and my riding would improve a lot of only I could get the bad food cravings gone, the discipline to ignore them, and them shove my face FULL of healthy awesome food! I don’t know when I started to get lazy with my food. Summer is also not good for wanting to stay in and eat, it seems like there’s a new food festival in Toronto every weekend, with different awesome places serving different kinds of ice cream and soft serve so it doesn’t make it easy, but come guys – I’m stronger than this.

So instead of making massive changes (which we all know is a setup for failure if done all at one time), I’m going to make small ones. No more walks at night just to find food, I don’t need ice cream at night or dim sum at night (wtf?) – it probably also hinders my sleep and that’s why I’m waking up tired. I know how to make really delicious food (which I should start posting more of) so there’s no excuse for me to go out and buy fast food, it’s just stupid and lazy of me!

So for the next THREE DAYS (remember – keeping the goals small for now), I simply want to record everything I’m eating. It’s true when they say that writing down what you eat is super helpful, because you know you don’t want to write down junk food, so you don’t eat it! I use MyFitnessPal to track my food intake (when I’m diligent) and it’s super easy to use and already on my phone, so that’s the goal starting today. I also need to work on drinking more water because I know for sure I haven’t been drinking enough (hence the dark gold pee. :D)

Alright – I can do this. I’ve put it out there, I’ve admitted to all of you that I’ve been super sucky lately, so here goes nothing. Wish me luck!

Talk soon!