Hey guys,

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may have noticed that I started lifting weights – again. I have goals this year and now that I have more fitness focused people in my life, I thought this was a great time to get back into it. I do a LOT of cardio (which eats into my muscle) so I’ve lost a lot of strength since I’ve started spinning so much.

It’s been a slow transition into the weight room, and it started with me getting into BodyPump. Once I started liking BodyPump more and craving the burn that came with those deep squats I decided it was time to transition into something a little more intense, so I started going to the GoodLife closest to my house (a smaller, less busy club) to do my weight training.

I got a little shoulder pump going – see?

So basically I had this friend once tell me about how I should drink BCAAs during a workout, and not after. I did some research and she was right, so I decided to try. BCAA’s are Branch Chained Amino Acids, which are compounds in the body that actually help to build muscle, so I never drank them while I was doing spin or cardio, I started drinking them while I was lifting.

I hadn’t lifted THAT heavy in a very long time, so I totally overdid it at the gym and I knew it as I was finishing up my workout, but I drank the BCAAs throughout the whole workout. The next day I noticed how NOT sore I was, how I was definitely still a bit tight but I  was way less sore than I should have been. So I thought, hmm, maybe this is like a one-off kinda thing. So then yesterday I did a massive shoulder workout with a buddy of mine and drank them while I was doing it too. Basically, the shoulder workout was so intense that last night I couldn’t physically bring my elbow up to drink tea… so I was a little concerned with how I was going to feel today.

Turns out, way less sore than I thought I would be. I mean, I can definitely tell I worked my shoulders out a lot, they’re definitely tight and a bit tender, but again not NEARLY as sore as they should be.


I found this online on HealthLine:

BCAAs taken before or after strength training may reduce muscle soreness following your workout. However, the effects may vary from one person to another.

I’m so sold. They’re totally worth buying…

Speaking of workouts, I wanted to share with you my insane shoulder workout yesterday. To be fair, it was my buddy Crispin’s, I just followed along. But I’m going to share it nonetheless. 😀

We did 4 sets of each, a max of 10 reps. If you do this workout just make sure to use enough weight that you’re struggling HARD to finish the 10th repetition.

I’ll be working out lots this weekend!! I hope you get to move a little too ;).

Talk soon!