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Yesterday after I posted this photo (which was really well received) and taught my lunch RPM class, Patrick (my bestie) and I decided to 1. Get coffee.. 2. Walk around the Eaton Centre (Which is much more civilized during the day).. 3. Walk his dog and then 4. Go to this restaurant by his house that we’ve both heard a lot about but had never tried – Bombay Street Food.

Bombay Street Food is an Indian Restaurant near the intersection of Bay St. and College St. here in Toronto. This is what I found on their website…

April 2014, sisters-in-law Seema & Amreen Omar founded Bombay Street Food to showcase the amazing variety of traditional street foods found in Mumbai. They took inspiration directly from the streets of Mumbai – traveling throughout the city, taking in all the sights and tastes. All to ensure they brought home what truly makes Mumbai such a remarkable city. Not only are all their dishes homemade and authentically spiced, but they also use primarily local ingredients and only 100% halal meat.

By the time we got there, we were both insane hangry and because the menu is all Indian food, we had very little idea of what we were actually ordering. We decided to order a few different things and share it all. I noticed initially that we spent a lot of money just on lunch (it’s one of those places where you order, pay, and then go sit at the table and wait for your food), so I was a little concerned about that, but it’s always a risk trying new places and new food, so I didn’t mind too much (after the hanger went away).

We waited a normal amount of time and the waitress (who’s also part owner) brought out the 4 dishes we ordered and they looked absolutely beautiful. Normally when I think of Indian food I think of like, orange curry with chunks of chicken on a bed of basmati rice but this was next level. I didn’t snap a photo of every single thing we ordered because I was too busy stuffing my face, but here’s a quick shot that I did manage to get…

The Masala shrimp was easily my most favourite thing that we ordered, which is the dish on the left, and the green sauce that came with it was my favourite too. I almost asked for an extra bowl of the green sauce cuz I wanted to dunk everything we had into it.

Click here to take a look at their entire menu, and if you’re in the Bay/College area in Toronto it’s definitely a place that you should be trying out.

Great, now my mouth is watering….

Talk soon,