Hey guys,

Happy (now past) Valentine’s Day! My dearest friend Patrick made me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day and it was the 2nd time in my whole life that a man has gotten me flowers for Valentine’s… the first time, however, I did ask for them lol… so I’m not sure that counts. EITHER WAY these were the most beautiful I’d ever seen…

The picture quality is awful, I had to screen shot my IG stories to get a photo of them. Champaign and peach coloured roses (and mini roses) and a big white flower to match.. so pretty!!

I was on my way to work this morning, and each morning I listen to a podcast if I have to commute anywhere. Today I was listening to one of only a few that I subscribe to, and it’s called Style Your Mind. It’s done by a woman who’s books I’ve been reading for a long time now, Cara Alwill Leyba, and she’s written I think like 5 books in a collection she calls The Champagne Diet. She’s a Master Life Coach and her podcast is a super cool little way for her to share tips and tricks about ways to change up your life if you’re unhappy. She does interviews with other successful people and has a huge passion for helping women really find their authentic self. I love her so I listen to her A LOT.

The podcast episode I was listening to this morning was all about making change in an area of you’re life where you may be unhappy. Or about how making a life altering change can totally just shake up your energy and inspire you to do things that you didn’t really think were possible. It got me to thinking about back in the day when I used to ADORE change. I welcomed change with open arms, embraced it and absolutely loved it. I’m not sure what has happened since then but I’ve become a lot more “safe” in my ways and embrace change with less enthusiasm than I used to – and I don’t like it!

Change is one of those things in life that keeps you on your toes. I loved moving, or finding cool new things to get into (like when I got into Blogging, or when I quit my job to go back to school…). Change was always so inspirational to me.. like if I can get through this, I can pretty much do anything – right? It also lit a little bit of a fire underneath my bum to get me moving on ideas that I’ve been playing with in my head for quite some time now. I’m not going to go into much detail about said ideas, but changing it up, not letting fear get in the way, and deciding on the changes I want to make are all a huge step towards what I want out of my life… which ultimately is to help people! The medium in which I want to help people though, that’s under wraps for now ;).

I don’t know when it happened but I absolutely forgot how much I love to change things up. Make big leaps and bounds without noticing that to the average person, those things could be insane and dangerous. I miss being fearless, and I’m super happy that this mornings podcast inspired me to forget about fear and just do what sets my soul on fiiiiiiiiya!!!

How do you embrace change? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Comment below!

Talk soon,