Sunday Funday!

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Sunday Funday!

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday!

Sundays are when I have to get up extra early and work at 7am. Yep – a 5am alarm used to be the bain of my existence… I was so used to sleeping in that waking up 1 day a week at a much earlier time was so hard. This is part of the reason why I’m tuning my body to start waking up earlier, so that days when I work mornings aren’t so difficult and I’m awake and energized! It’s a lot easier to do this in the summer, especially when I can ride my bike to work and not have to sit on a bus (ew). 

Sundays are also my day of rest. In the span of 6 days, I normally do 4 spin classes (at least), but because I’m getting stronger in 2018, I’ve added less spin (I used to do 6-7 classes a week – insanity) and added 3 strength workouts per week. But I also remembered recently… oh ya – I need a rest day! Well what better rest day, than the actual day of rest. So Sunday’s are the day that I do not go into the gym. This week I crushed my 3 regular RPM classes, I team taught with a friend of mine on Saturday, and then did a GRIT workout (high intensity interval training… only 30 minutes, very effective!) on Tuesday, did a virtual BodyPump class on Thursday (because the regular class didn’t fit into my schedule that day unfortunately) and then did a real BodyPump class yesterday!!

Needless to say this week my body has been pretty sore. I wouldn’t classify this type of sore as a “bad” sore, it’s actually been pretty awesome. My new goal is to work so hard during my “strength” workouts, that for the majority of my week, my body is in a “good” pain. This week I’m hoping to swap one of the BodyPump classes for another GRIT class, so that should definitely put my pain up a few notches.

I’ve started taking BCAA’s while doing strength workouts to help my muscles repair better. BCAA’s, or Branch Chained Amino Acids are a type of supplement that can be easily used during exercise to reduce fatigue, accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and improve the use of fat for energy. They’re actually also the only supplement that I find tastes good! I have peach flavoured and I quite enjoy it… it’s refreshing, and it’s helping my little baby muscles get a bit stronger – winning!

After I’m done working today, I’m going to pick up some fresh food, do some food prep (I’m not finished all the food prep I did last weekend, so I only need a few things!) and CHILL. How are you spending your Sunday?

Talk soon!

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I'm Sarah and I currently reside in Toronto, ON and I'm a marketing student part-time, I work in events/hospitality at a small boutique hotel, I teach Les Mills RPM classes almost daily and am loving life!

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