2018, Surprise Me

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2018, Surprise Me

Hey guys,

It’s 2018..

Actually it’s 1-month into 2018 to be more accurate. I’ve done A LOT of thinking over this past month. A lot of reflecting on life, where I am, where I want to be, the type of people I’ve been hanging around, the energy that I’m putting out into the universe and the energy that I’m surrounding myself with. Over the past 5 months I’ve experienced a lot of different things. I’ve had people whom I thought were really good friends stop talking to me for something that I didn’t realize our friendship was based on (tip: if your friendship is based on the collective dislike of someone else, it’s not a friendship), I’ve had people tell me to calm down when it comes to what I want in life… that’s not a good feeling. I want people around me that support and encourage me, even if my goals are insane.

I guess what I’m saying is that 2018 is going to be used for a lot of shifting. A lot of thinking. More of doing what truly makes me happy. Changing my less-than-adult habits into productive habits, stop wasting time that I thought I had, go after the things that I want, collaborate with people that are in the same mindset as me, just really transform my life in 2018!

One thing I’ve started doing is waking up earlier than normal. Normally my body will wake up around 8:30am. That, my friends, is too late and total 21-year-old of me. I’ve been setting my alarm and slowly waking up earlier. I’m doing it gradually so that it’s not a complete shock to my system. This way I am so much more productive in the morning. I get work done, I get my day set up, I answer emails, I just feel better about my day overall.

The second thing I’ve been doing is hitting the sac before I feel the need to, shutting off the screens and reading an actual physical book. There’s sooooo much literature about how screens and looking at screens before bed messes with your sleep. I decided that even if it was just 15-30 minutes before bed, I wanted to quit looking at social media or my TV and just read. I love to read so not only do I get to read books I’ve been meaning to catch up on, but I get a better sleep because of it (which helps with trying to wake up early!).

Habit #3 – my health. I gave up one of my spin classes because teaching 2x/day was becoming too much. I was starting to dread it, the class wasn’t getting the full “me” experience, and it limited me to only being able to do so much with my day. Now, I teach spin 3x/week and I’m adding in 3 strength/HIIT conditioning classes on top of that per week. Well, that’s the goal. Basically my body is going to be in a constant state of good pain. This week may be the first week I actually make my goal, but that’s ok – progress has been made! On top of that, I invested in some really good food storage containers so that I can spend my Saturday’s prepping food/veggies/proteins/grains for my whole week. It’s so helpful to be able to just throw things together and be off. No extra time spent chopping or messing around… it’s literally grab and go. That way it’s so much easier for me to bring food with me and I don’t buy overpriced food and I eat much healthier.

Habit #4 – Drinking. I’ve done A LOT of thinking around drinking. I set off to do “Dry January” this year but I failed. I’m ok to admit that because the failure resulted in a lot more thinking and figuring out why it is exactly I feel the need to have a glass of wine. I failed because I had a stressful situation with another person and I felt like wine could calm me down. I feel like that’s not an uncommon thing to happen in today’s world…. but seriously – that’s no good! To allow someone to upset you to the point where you need to ingest alcohol to feel better temporarily, only to really make you feel worse the next day. I quickly realized that I used wine as a way to escape feeling annoyed or stressed or sad or mad, anything negative, rather than just deal with it like an adult. With that being said, I’m just giving it up. I don’t feel good after I drink wine. I lose out on work, being productive, my body hurts, I’m dehydrated, my head usually aches… it’s just not good. I haven’t told many people about this goal because this is something I’m dealing with, and it doesn’t concern others… but on the principle of transparency here, I will share it with you.

All in all, I think that’s a pretty great way to start 2018 off on the right foot. You’ll also be reading much more on here, now that I’m making more time in my life, I can start to blog more! 🙂

Talk soon – happy 2018!


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I'm Sarah and I currently reside in Toronto, ON and I'm a marketing student part-time, I work in events/hospitality at a small boutique hotel, I teach Les Mills RPM classes almost daily and am loving life!

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