Hey guys,

I just got home not long ago from teaching a spin class in a studio where the A/C was broken.. oh my gooooood it was so warm in there and it was so hard to breathe. We sweat like maniacs and it was totally awesome, I feel refreshed and like I worked really hard!!! That’s the sign of an amazing workout.

The holidays are around the corner and the holiday spirit is coming on strong in the world of Sarah. Each morning I have Christmas music playing on my stereo, I’ve done my holiday shopping, my emotions are running high (LOL) and I’m all for being sentimental and stuff. 2017 was a super weird year full of a lot of life lessons. Some were hard and some were not, but either way, I’m so ready for this year to be over and for 2018 to get it’s butt here.

I’m reshifting my focus in 2018, crushing my goals – both small ones and large ones. I’m focusing on my career, and I’m focusing on my health. Even though I’m focusing on my health, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to allow myself the odd indulgence. Today, for example, instead of salad, I broke my “no buying food” rule and splurged on $9 jerk chicken and rice. IT WAS SO GOOD I love Jamaican food so much. Then this morning, my landlady gifted me a nice bottle of red wine, so I’m having a glass tonight!

I’m not a super big drinker anymore like I used to be, but I do love my red wine. And turns out there are some health benefits associated with having a glass of red wine at night – god, I love science. Don’t take this as me peer pressuring you to drink if you don’t want to…. BUT if you do love red wine like moi, this is bound to make you feel a little less guilty about it!

Health Benefits of Red Wine

It boosts heart health.
Research has proved that the antioxidant nutrients found in red wine can slow down the progression of arteriosclerosis of the heart! A study in the Journal of Molecule Medicine found that a moderate alcohol intake, especially red wine, decreased cardiac mortality due to arteriosclerosis versus those who drank none or too much. Everything in moderation, right? 🙂

Improves cholesterol.
A study in the European Journal of Clinical Medicine found that wine consumption was associated with an increase in HDL, the healthy kind of cholesterol in the body! Those Europeans are so smart… the participants of the study found a positive increase anywhere from 11% to 16%!

Fights free radical damage.
The accumulation of free radicals plays a major role in the development of chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancer, autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases. The antioxidants in red wine help counteract oxidative stress by acting as free radical scavengers that prevent and repair damage caused by oxidation. Antioxidants enhance the body’s immune defenses and lower the risk of developing a number of serious health conditions.

There’s more and if you want to read it click here.

On that note…. I’m going to go watch some more Gilmore Girls and finish my glass of red!!! 😀

Talk to you later,