(note: I started writing this blog before Christmas, and finished it after :D)

Hey guys,

Happy holidays! Like every year I’m back in the country spending my holidays with my parents/sister/extended family members! The holidays are a bit of a tricky time for me because I’m diabetic. It’s a fine balancing act of wanting to eat ALL THE FOOD and being a good diabetic that avoids sugar like the plague.

This year has been surprisingly good so far! I made sure to restock my diabetic supplies before I came home to make sure I did have enough in case I indulged more than normal. The morning before I left Toronto I managed to fit in a BodyPump class first thing in the morning. When I opened my door, needless to say, Toronto had a mild dumping of snow overnight. I didn’t think much of it, went to the gym, killed the class and then came home, cleaned, packed, did everything I needed to do and realized that before the ground was so gross with snow and slush, I’d have to carry my suitcases around instead of roll them like normal. I quickly realized how hard the bicep track in class was… my arms were on FIRE by the time I got onto the bus and could relax.

The next day, my first full day back for holidays, my body was soooo sore. I was getting so into BodyPump as well as the new HIIT program called Grit, but then I took a break and now I’m kind of back to square one where it totally destroys my body lol. I didn’t end up doing any exercise that day, and that brings us to today where I kind of felt like I wanted to go to the gym, but the only gym in town is closed. I also seemed to have contracted the common cold which is in full effect right now, but I still felt the need to move my body.

I noticed my family had some dumbbells hidden in a corner, so I got them out and wrote down a little body weight/dumbbell routine that I could do on my parents living room floor. I paired two exercises together, 5 groups, for a total of 10 exercises and then I did 3 sets of each exercise.

First Round
Tricep Pushups, as many as possible
Dumbbell Squats, 20-25

Second Round
Lunges, 10 on each leg, and then 3 rounds of 10 pulses on each leg (brutal)
Dumbbell Shoulder Press, 8lbs, as close to 25 reps as possible (I normally use heavier weights and lower reps, but didn’t have that option today)

Third Round
Plank on hands/toes, as close to a minute as possible
Dumbbell bicep curls, 8lbs, as close to 20 as possible

Fourth Round
Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks, 5lbs, 15 reps
Reverse Dumbbell Fly (for rear delts)

Fifth Round
Hip bridge with Leg Extensions

I took my time because my house is about a million degrees, and I was doing all of this right in front of a fireplace, so, all in all, it took me a little over an hour. I’m definitely going to feel it tomorrow! The next day we went to my aunts and my cousins and I built a snowman outside, I always forget how much of a workout playing in the snow can be. Running through it and throwing snowballs and building snowmen definitely burns its fair share of calories, and it’s fun! I’m glad I had the idea of doing it.

When I get back to Toronto, it’s going to be hardcore getting my strong body back. I’ve spent a few days totally relaxing, fighting a cold, and not doing much of anything besides watching movies with my family. I’m recharged and ready to take on 2018!

You ready to crush it?

Talk soon,