Hey guys,

This week has been complete and utter madness. It was my birthday on Tuesday (yep – Halloween!) and it’s actually been non-stop all week long…. Before I dive into the craziness I need to first thank every single person that took the time to either write on my Facebook page, or shoot me a message, or call, or spend time with me. It was so appreciated more than I can tell you!! I love love love you all so much.

Tuesday was the day of my actual birthday and I woke up to a ton of messages from so many people, it was fantastic and made me feel so loved! I got out of bed and made my way to the southwest end of the city to meet my girlfriend Tara for lunch at La Palma. She’s the one that took the photo of me (and most professional photos that I have) off to the side of this blog! We sat and ate and chatted for a good 1.5 hours (which was awesome because I do not see her pretty face nearly enough) and just had a really good catch up. Which actually resulted in a set up with a friend of hers. BUT that is a story for another time. Then I ran off to law class, got my nails done, met Patrick and we grabbed wine and food and went to our friend Atom’s house where we drank and then they got all dressed up (I didn’t… boo me) and we went out and walked up and down Church St. here in Toronto to see all the fancy costumes everyone was wearing. Somehow we ended up at a bar where we knew the bartender, which resulted in more wine, and then we ended up in a dance club, which resulted in at least one shot that I remember… and then I got home at like 1am. I really needed to plan out this week better… but….

Wednesday I had to be up and at the gym for noon because I taught spin class. I cannot tell you how difficult it was for me to teach that class, but I did it and it was fun and all was good!!! I zipped home to catch a quick nap before heading back downtown again to teach my SECOND spin class of the day (I probably should have subbed those out…. BUT again it was a great class!), and then showered and went back to Patricks, after picking up a random cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu… *if anyone knows what I’m talking about, there was no line so I took it as an opportunity*… went to Patricks, ate some, and then we met our friend Claire at The Keg for dinner and prosecco. It was so nice to gather with these two again, there’s a never endless supply of conversation… and Claire got me a gift card to get the tattoo that I’ve been thinking about for a while!! And the most beautiful handwritten card ever…. Which is being kept in a very safe space. I love stuff like that… I always keep them! I got home around 12:30 am that night.

Thursday, again, I had to be up and at it for a spin class at noon. I was a little less tired for this one, but it was difficult none the less. I got compliments on the class though so that’s a great sign! After class, I showered and went downtown… treated myself to a ramen lunch… and met my friend Daren for coffee at Soho House for a couple hours! It was super nice to see him because we haven’t seen each other since back in the summer…. it was supposed to be for drinks but last minute I had to take another spin class that night, so I left Daren and went back up to basically where I was at lunch and taught a spin class that night. Bloor Park Thursday nights are an EPIC group of riders, so I’m glad I got to teach there. Last minute a group of them invited me to go to a pub with them for a drink and food… so of course, I went… and then for some reason when I got home I thought another glass of wine was fine. I should have absolutely gone to bed….

Friday I had to be at school at 9 am. Getting up was so, so, so hard but I knew we had a guest speaker and you get extra marks when you go on days that they have a speaker! Needless to say, I bounced out as soon as class was over and went home to catch some sleep. After that, I managed to get my laundry done and then at 8:30 pm I met Tara’s friend for our date! He took me to La Societe in Yorkville, a French restaurant, and it was deeeeelicious. We ate A LOT and shared a bottle of wine… we didn’t leave the restaurant until after midnight, so it was late when I got home and I wound down with some chamomile tea and Grey’s Anatomy. So I didn’t get to sleep until about 1:45 am…..

Saturday (Today)
I promised my girlfriend I’d go to spin class with her this morning and getting up again was such a struggle. BUT I did it and it was so much fun to see her and a couple of other friends in class! I only get to see Bea on Saturday’s now because of scheduling conflicts so I try to make it so that we can catch up and go for coffee afterward. I had the world’s worst headache, probably due to dehydration from drinking and spinning and not drinking nearly enough water this week. I got home, drank a ton of water, took an Advil, napped and woke up and prepped a lot of food for myself for the next few days and made a big batch of green juice.

As much as I love birthday’s, this week has been exhausting. I’m starting a new lifting program tomorrow thanks to my dear dear friend Ari… after I work in the morning. All in all, it was a great week and I’m thankful for everyone! Now to live up my last year of my 20’s… 😉

Talk to you soon,