I Got Certified Again. More Bike Time!


I Got Certified Again. More Bike Time!

Hey guys,

If you don’t know (which would be crazy cuz it’s like my whole life right now) I teach Les Mills RPM at GoodLife Fitness here in Canada. GoodLife has the exclusive rights to the Les Mills programming in all of Canada, so it’s the only gym you can go to if you want to hit up an RPM class specifically. GoodLife used to have an exclusivity clause in their instructor agreements that prevented instructors from teaching outside of GoodLife… not a big deal, I didn’t mind.

But recently they took that clause away and then I got to wondering… hm. I wonder where else I’d want to teach spin! First things first though, even though I can teach elsewhere, I’m still not allowed to teach RPM specifically anywhere else but GoodLife… again, totally cool! I don’t mind. So I decided to look into getting a freestyle spin certification and settled on doing my Schwinn Spinning Certification because it’s the most widely recognized spinning certification out there. Since I already teach classes, I opted for the online course instead of the real-life course (if you don’t already teach, I would highly recommend the real-life course… just sayin’) and have been doing bits and pieces here and there, until this weekend when I committed to getting it completely done.

I spent Friday night, most of Saturday afternoon/early evening, and a few final hours on Sunday night going through all the modules, making notes about energy systems and metabolic pathways, did my 50 question exam where 80% is a pass and PASSED yayayayayaya.

It’s always super fun to add new certifications to your resume and repertoire. But now this has me thinking a lot and setting some new goals for myself. Where do I want to teach next? Of course, I’m not giving up RPM… but is there something MORE that I would want to do or could be doing? My next step is to hit up a few new classes that I’ve heard about to see what the style of the class is like, maybe talk to some instructors or managers and see what their vibe is like. GoodLife and RPM are so fantastic so I want the vibe to be at LEAST equal… and the pay too ;).

Naw, honestly, I love teaching and I love seeing people sweat and get more fit because I’m pushing them hard. I had a member come up to me on the weekend and told me how myself and only two other (veteran) instructors actually make her sweat in class. One could argue that that would be her own fault for not cranking her dial enough…. BUT it’s up to the instructor to motivate the riders to WANT to push themselves harder and I was so super excited that she lumped me in with these two other people… YAY!! Ooo another fun moment…. I had someone come up to me the other day too and ask “Are you teaching today?” and when I said yes, I got “Ok.. good.” LOL.. that made me smile.


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I'm Sarah and I currently reside in Toronto, ON and I'm a marketing student part-time, I work in events/hospitality at a small boutique hotel, I teach Les Mills RPM classes almost daily and am loving life!

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