Hey guys,

After the break up with the last guy, I took a while off of dating. Like, 5 months. I mean, I went on dates still. I was kinda seeing this lawyer/law professor hockey player guy for a while but I just wasn’t feeling it… meh. I had a million other things to do that I felt was more productive anyways and my mind just wasn’t into men.

Through my entire adult life, I have not been good at online dating. I’m that person that will initiate conversation while I’m home, sipping a glass of red wine, and then the next day completely forget about ANYONE I started talking to and then realize a week has passed and now I’m totally embarrassed and can’t just say “Oh hey dude sorry totally forgot about you…” so I delete the app and convince myself that I’m going to find a man in my everyday life, and it’s going to be unicorns and absolutely f$*@^%* magical. He’ll be this handsome man that walks into my spin class and keeps eye contact with me the whole time and is completely captivating, isn’t emotionally damaged and is just ready to settle down and live happily ever after.

Lol. Yeah, ok, Sarah.

SO clearly my rational mind is a bit more realistic. If I want to find someone different, I have to do something different, right? So cue Bumble. I’m giving it ANOTHER try. I don’t know why I’m so horrible at this. I don’t feel a connection with people I send messages to without having ever met them in person. I should just meet them in person and see if there’s actually a connection, but I convince myself there isn’t one because all I know of them is if they have good text grammar or not.

So now I’m putting a little more effort to attempt to remember these “online individuals” and message them back. Patrick made a good point today that I shouldn’t waste my time messaging with these people, that I need to actually set up a time to go for coffee and see if it’s worth putting my time into. I agree, I also really hate first dates cuz I’m a super awkward human and small talk is hard for me unless I’m sipping a nice glass of California Cab.

No, I’m not downloading Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, Match.com, whatever the hell else is out there because I can barely even deal with Bumble.

If I muster up the courage to go on any form of date with any of these men, look out cuz I’m sure I will write about it. Sigh. Mr. Right where the eff are you…….

Talk to you soon,