I Have A Shoe Problem


I Have A Shoe Problem

Hi guys,

Ok so if you know me well, it’s not surprising to find out I have a bit of a shoe problem. I bought a new pair this week. They fit so perfectly, except they’re a pointed toe shoe so I need to stretch out that part of the shoe specifically before an event I’m going to in a month. So, needless to say, I’ve been wearing said shoes around my house in my pajamas trying to stretch the toe part just slightly so that I’m able to wear them for extended periods of time.

They’re patent leather which means stretching them is doable. A friend of mine told me to use socks and blow dryer. Has anyone ever heard of this? I’m not gonna lie, these shoes weren’t the cheapest shoes I’ve ever bought and the sounds of this whole procedure makes me think that I’m going to melt my shoes. He told me to Google it. This is what I’ve discovered….

The goal is to only stretch the shoes a very tiny amount.

Step 1: Put on a thin to medium-thick pair of socks and squeeze your feet into your shoes with the socks on.

Step 2: Take your blow dryer and blast the areas that are tightest on your feet. You need to be bending and flexing your feet while you do this in order to stretch the leather out slightly.

Step 3: Keep the shoes on while the shoes cool, still try keeping your feet bending and flexing this whole time.

Step 4: Repeat as many times as needed until they’re a little less snug on your toes.

*****Remember that too much heat will dry the leather out and it can become brittle so you might want to invest in some shoe cream or polish before attempting this.

I personally haven’t attempted this yet, but I’m going to tonight. FINGERS CROSSED this works. Although I don’t mind feeling fabulous wearing high heels all around my apartment all the time. <3

Talk to you soon!

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