Heyy guyssss!!!

Haha eek – it’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog. So many, but yet not many things to update you all on! I don’t really even know where to start! I’m still chugging away at my new job at The Beverley Hotel! Remember, from my last post? I made my own job there a couple of months ago and I now schedule cool events, help people plan parties, and help with marketing for the hotel! It’s honestly the best, I am loving it so much. 

Teaching RPM is totally fantastic. I’ve been doing it now for about 5 months and it’s going so well. I had my first class evaluation about a month ago and I was given some really great feedback from my Group Fitness Manager, I loved it. I’m teaching about 4-5 classes a week right now and it still doesn’t get old. With that being said, I’ve lost a lot of weight. Not on purpose, I eat all the food, I don’t diet, I drink the wine… but naturally, when workouts are intense and more frequent, weight normally goes down.

When I started teaching RPM, or probably just before training, when I started riding more often to get me prepped for training and then riding more as an instructor, I weighed in at almost 160lbs. I’m 6 feet tall so that’s not too heavy by any means, that’s definitely a healthy weight. But now I weigh in at about 147lbs (give or take). I definitely love the weight loss. I look more toned and stuff…

In order to balance the weight loss, I’ve been adding weight training/BodyPump into my workout regime so now I feel like instead of really skinny, I look fit! This is probably one of few times in my life that I’ve been able to say that. But let me give you a visual…… You can tell mostly in my upper body.

Ignore my double jointed elbow – I know it’s weird, that’s just how my arms are. That was back when I first started spinning…. so it’s a little farther back.

And that’s today. A slight difference – no? 🙂 So that’s fun to update you on! I’m still working at putting on some muscle, but that comes in time. I’ve never been able to do tricep pushups before…. and now I can do 4 from my knees!! So I’m definitely getting stronger.

I’m in the middle of another spinning certification! This one is with Schwinn, and it’s kind of the “industry standard” spin certification, so if I ever wanted to teach a freestyle class that I make up on my own, this would be what I would need! It’s a lot different than the training I did for RPM, but still similar… Because I already teach RPM, I opted to take the online certification course for my Spinning certification because I already ride and coach so much. So hopefully within the next week or two I’ll have passed that exam and I’ll be certified in that as well. YAY SPIN!

Besides that, nothing much is new! Still single? Yep *now accepting blind date or boyfriend referrals

How’s school? Still chugging along! Taking 2 classes/semester now until I’m done my degree.

Motivated at life yet? Definitely getting there. The breakup I had really put a damper on my drive for life and motivation and care for much, but I’m almost back to myself! It’s such a good feeling. I’m not totally there but I am definitely close….. wish me luck that it happens soon!

Now that my job doesn’t include exclusively copywriting, I’ll be blogging more often…. YOU’RE WELCOME! 🙂

We’ll talk soon,