Ok, so last night I slept 11 hours straight – this is not an exaggeration. With a lifestyle like mine, it catches up with me and then BAM I sleep for like a day. I can’t tell you how much more rested I feel today – but that also got me thinking…. Probably a lot of the reason why I find myself tired a lot is the fact that I don’t keep properly hydrated. 

It’s not uncommon for me to wake up in the morning feeling parched. I have to test my blood sugars right away to make sure they are in target because when they are high that can make me feel dehydrated as well. I started thinking about it and the fact that I have a coffee in the morning (a diuretic), usually teach 1-2 spin classes each day during the week (I work HARD in those classes, the sweat puddles on the floor prove it!)… and the sweat dehydrates me more… I usually don’t drink nearly enough water during a class because I’m teaching and speaking the whole time, the normally have another coffee in the afternoon to keep me going.

Now that I’ve recognized the fact that I don’t drink nearly the amount of water that I should, it’s absolutely time to do something about it. Firstly – how much water should I be drinking each day? In my research, it said that you should drink half of your weight in pounds, in ounces. Half of my weight in ounces would be 74. In cups, that’s like 9.25 cups of water… It also said that you should add an additional 8-12 ounces on top of that if you workout regularly. That’s got me up to 10.75 cups of water per day. There’s nooooooo way I drink enough water to cover that amount. No wonder I’m all dry and tired and lethargic every day.

Second, how am I going to implement these giant hydration levels? Good question.

1. Carrying my water bottle with me is absolutely a must. I’m always on the go, so having water with me and eliminating the “I need to buy a bottle of water” situation will help ensure that I have something to sip on throughout the day. When you start to feel thirsty, that’s your body telling you that you’re already dehydrated – so try not getting to that point!

2. Don’t eat as much salt. I loooove savory foods. I could eat salt all day long. That being said, salty foods make you more dehydrated! I notice when I nosh on chips (hahahaa… ahh I hate admitting that…. oh well) at night, the next day I’m super dehydrated and my pee is suuuuper dark yellow (TMI? Oh well). Limiting the amount of salt I ingest throughout the day will help.

3. Reminders on my phone. It’s not uncommon for me to be rushing around and completely forget to eat throughout the day let alone drink enough water. Setting phone alarms to remind me to drink water is absolutely necessary for me.

4. Drink less coffee. I think because I am sipping on coffee throughout the day, I just don’t think about drinking water. If I limit myself to only having 1 coffee/day, I’ll have to drink water or tea the other time and increase hydration levels that way!

I think those are some good goals that I’ve set for now! Cutting back on coffee is going to be the hardest part I think. I’ve heard, however, that when you cut back, it’s only really bad for the first few days and then it gets better after that. SO I guess fingers cross about that one.

While I wrote this blog post, something really funny/hilarious/terrifying/out of my comfort zone happened. I don’t want to share any details yet, but if all goes well I will update about the experience after it happens. It may have something to do with being on TV – but I’m not telling you in what capacity. I’m pretty weirded out by the whole thing but said yes anyway. Why not? I think it’s going to be fun! 🙂

What are some main ways you keep hydrated during the day?