I teach RPM twice on Wednesdays. At noon at the GoodLife Fitness at 137 Yonge, and at 5:30 pm at the GoodLife Fitness at Scotia Plaza (YAY shameless plug – come to my class!) and normally on Wednesdays, I’m pretty tired. I can ride two RPM classes just fine, I can even teach one and ride one, or ride two back-to-back, but teaching two is hard. I’m still getting used to it. 

Stemming off of my post yesterday, today I attempted to eat more food today than normal. And you know what? I’m pretty sure it helped. I woke up and had a whole wheat wrap with peanut butter and a banana inside. LOL don’t laugh it’s actually delicious. Anyways, I packed food for me to take because I work for the period of time I have in between my classes. I got to my office after my first class and ate a big bowl of homemade tomato dill soup (with a whole wheat wrap for dipping)  I had brought, and not long after ate an arugula salad with chicken/avocado/tomato.

In the three-ish hours that I had to eat, it was hard to consume ALL of that.  It was one of those situations where I felt like I totally ate too much and by the time I was finishing my salad, I was focusing hard on just finishing that last piece of chicken (which I had to wash down with water). With that being said, I think I finished both of my classes with more energy than I ever remember having after teaching twice in one day! I wrapped it up tonight with tofu, baked kale and some pasta (hey, I’m not perfect… the pasta was not the most healthy).


Now, nutrition is kind of my thing. I love food, and I love making healthy food, even though sometimes I eat bad foods (balance, right?). I do try and eat healthy most of the time, but sometimes I don’t. Today was a really great day in terms of eating healthy, besides the pasta, but I also think that’s a major reason why I had so much energy today; I ate the right foods and ate more of them. I also opted for less coffee, and more water/tea! So that’s a big goal of mine which is slowly starting to feel better.

It’s been quite the progress trying to find my groove back into the fitness/active/healthy lifestyle. It’s slowly coming together! I wrote yesterday that I did GRIT again last night, today I got out of bed and didn’t feel any pain so I totally was like “YES I GOT THIS” until I squatted down to grab something off of the floor and realized “Woah, yes, I feel that”. BUT the good news is that it’s not a debilitating pain like it was last week, which meaaaaaans…… I’m getting stronger!! Next week I’m adding more weight to my bar too, which means I’ll probably be A LOT more sore than today, but I’m ok with that. I can’t wait till I’m able to do ALL the exercises and add another class to my roster.

I’m taking the night to myself, made dinner, and now I’m enjoying a nice glass of red wine while I watch Grey’s Anatomy (I’m totally rewatching the series!).

Tell me about your day in the comments below!!

Talk soon,