Yes, you did read that correctly. Today I wore a crop top – in public.

I know.. it’s mildly terrifying, but I did it. I love the look on women, high-waisted workout tights with a cute sports bra or workout crop tank top to go with it, but I personally haven’t had the balls to pull off such a look, until now. Here are some examples of my girl crushes crushing the crop top look.





I don’t have anyone to take my photos (sad face) so a mirror selfie is all you get! 😛

I’ve lost weight since I started doing spin training, and then more once I started teaching… so I decided to gift it a try. Not horrible – right? 🙂

I definitely love the progress I’m making towards more self-love and less self-nit-picking-all-the-time. Although, I do have certain goals in my mind (who doesn’t?), it’s all just kind of guiding me down this path allowing me to see my body as a great strong precious tool as opposed to something that is broken and ugly.

I still can’t believe I wore a crop top today….