How Do You Stay Awake After Hot Yoga?


How Do You Stay Awake After Hot Yoga?

I did my second hot yoga class at the Moksha Yoga studio on St. Clair West yesterday and I have to admit, it’s REALLY hot in the room that I go to and sometimes it makes me want to quit… but I can’t get over how good and flushed and stretched out I feel when I’m done a class. Yesterday was the first time the instructor helped push me harder, we were doing hip openers…. I believe the pose was… pigeon? One sec – I’m googling it….

YA I’m right – Pigeon.


The teacher came over and asked if she could put pressure on my hips for me and obviously I was like “YAS” so I let her massage my hips down and it helped soooo much. The entire front of my pelvis was pretty much touching the floor. Then she gave me a block – something I’d never used before – and had me put my head on it to rest during the next round. It actually helped and I was able to relax into the stretch even more that time. I know my left hip is tighter than my right… or maybe it’s my glute rather, so when my left leg was in front, pushing down was a bit more intense but I let her because I totally needed the stretch.

My left leg is the leg I lead with when I’m spinning, and it was my leg that I led with when I was a dancer… I don’t know why, I’m right handed, but whatever. It’s a lot tighter and always gives me the most trouble in terms of my IT Band because when I tell my riders to hit the beat, that’s the leg I always use as hit that beat so it takes the most from the workout (it’s bad – don’t do as I do!). Today I can definitely feel the extra little push I got when I fold forward, but it’s one of those awesome pain feelings… yay!

The room also felt hotter during this class than it did my first time. I’m not sure if it’s cuz there was probably like double the people in there this week than last week, or if it was just hotter, or if it was just me… but even when I went into class early to lay and just breathe, my body started sweating right away. For that reason alone it was a much more intense class, but again I friggen loved every second of it and I can’t wait to go back.

The only thing is – and maybe anyone can help – is that when I’m done I just really want to take a nap! Is it because I lost so much water during that 1 hour? Or because I’m so relaxed? Who knows but if I don’t keep on moving I fall asleep. I saw a movie after in the theatre and fell asleep during it (Spiderman! Who falls asleep during Spiderman!?) so if anyone has any idea’s on how to stay awake and alert that would be great.

If you have suggestions – leave them in the comments below! 🙂

Be kind, always.
xo S

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