I’ve been working out regularly, again, for upwards of about a year and 3 months. I remember going into my first RPM class last year in February and since then RPM has been a consistent part of my schedule. It wasn’t until recently when I first decided to dive into this whole training/instructing thing that I started getting into it even more and it becoming a huge part of my life.

When big changes like that happen to a diabetic, to be completely blunt about it, it can fuck things up. I’m really not here to sugar coat things and I’m also not here to pretend like I’m the healthiest human in the world (I ate ramen and soft serve unicorn iced cream for lunch today… mmk) because I am human and like every other human out there, I have flaws. For example, I tend to ignore the fact that I’m diabetic. Not like.. completely ignore it, I know it’s there because I wear a bionic organ 24/7, but if I make big life changes like that, for some reason I don’t have the nerve to try and adjust all my insulin levels and carbohydrate ratios myself.

So… ya… I decided it was time to go meet with my diabetes nurse and get some things straightened out. We basically readjusted every insulin setting in my pump (aka the bionic organ), all of my carbohydrate:insulin ratios were adjusted so now I don’t have to try and guess what I should punch in for the food I eat to try and balance everything out – I can just literally punch in what I eat and everything is fine. I mean, it’s only been a week of testing so I’m still working out the kinks with my nurse, but it’s been MUCH better overall.

I’ve started wearing my bionic organ during my workouts now too so that’s less of a messy blood sugar mess when I’m done. Normally if I just workout for an hour, I remove it (because it’s safe to remove for an hour) but now that I’m really trying to keep all the diabetes aspects under control, I feel better about wearing it. I think not wearing it before was a lot of self consciousness happening because I didn’t want people to know I had diabetes or that I constantly wear this bionic organ, but now I don’t care because my health is more important than what other people think. It’s actually pretty well received, and if people want to ask questions then I’m open to that as well!

It’s a little crowded around my waist when I’m teaching, because my bionic organ is attached to the waistband and then I have a microphone belt around my waist as well. That was another thing I was kind of nervous about when I first started teaching…. but then realized no one is really behind me to see anything attached to my pants. But another, I guess, concern, is teaching and being in the middle of a class and having my blood sugar go low. So now this part is totally up to me. I have to make sure I test before hand and I need to keep a bottle of orange juice with me that I can reach from the bike just in case.

See there are SO MANY THINGS I have to think about alllll theeee tiiiiiiime. If my blood sugar isn’t in a certain zone then it really affects my performance, which isn’t good when I’m trying to inspire and motivate 50 other people to give it their best and I can’t give it mine..

So with the beginning of this whole instructing journey comes a new beginning of REALLY taking care of myself and being a lot more attentive about my diabetes than I have ever been before.

Sounds fun, right? 🙂

xo. S