My Fav 3 Herbs To Always Have On Hand


My Fav 3 Herbs To Always Have On Hand

I kinda really love food… and even more, I love making my own food! I find it really satisfying creating a final product that’s both nutritious and delicious out of a bunch of other ingredients! I try and keep my recipes as “clean” as possible… aka, I use whole foods and single ingredients, and things that I can normally pronounce (not a lot of processed stuff).

When I’m cooking, it’s easy to make the same thing over and over again – so I’m a massive fan of things that you can add to your dishes that immediately spice things up. Different spices and herbs are usually my go-to if I’m getting bored with something. It can be hard to know what to use (spices and herbs) with what foods but I find that once you find a few of each that you really love, you’ll be able to figure it out.

I wanted to go through my top 3 favourite herbs that I always make sure I have in my fridge, which I find come in very handy when I want to spice a salad up, or some shrimp or chicken!

I love basil in pretty much anything – it’s my #1 favourite herb to have in my fridge and I normally have a lot of it. I find it pairs so well with chicken and fish as well as a lot of different vegetables (and hello, Caprese Salad? YES PLEASE.). But only is it delicious, it’s also pretty nutritious as well. Besides being an awesome source of vitamin K, basil contains antibacterial properties, has anti-inflammatory events and nutrients needed for awesome cardiovascular health!

Dill pickle potato chips are MY FAAAAV, so it’s no surprise that dill is on my list of favourite herbs. Dill is an interesting herb because it can get kind of messy, but I love the dill flavour so much that I pretty much use dill in every single salad I make. Dill comes well equipped with anti-inflammatory properties, has a toooon of anti-oxidants (those things that help get rid of free radicals in our body.. which are things in our bodies that can lead to cancer – womp!), and it’s oil has been known to be a super good antiseptic for wounds! Haha, not that I’m dressing my wounds in dill, but that is still a cool tidbit of information.

Cilantro tastes like soap to some people, but to me it tastes GREAT so I keep it in my fridge quite often. I tend to use it more when I’m cooking Mexican inspired food, like home made salsa or guac or something. Besides being a great addition to Mexican flavours (assuming you’re not one of the people that has that gene that makes cilantro taste like soap), it’s loaded with health benefits as well. The leaves and stems are full of anti-oxidants, and just 100g of cilantro has 30% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C! If it doesn’t taste like soap to you, it’s a pretty bad ass herb.

What are your favourite herbs to have handy in the kitchen? Comment below and tell me!

xo S.

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