Well, it’s official. I’m a certified Les Mills RPM Instructor! HAZA!!!!! That was my biggest goal of 2017 and I did it!!! I got the news Friday morning so yay!!! In a couple of weeks I’ll officially be hired, and I’ll be able to learn all new songs and choreography and I’ll get my VERY OWN CLASS!! Isn’t that so exciting?? I have sooooo much work to do in terms of becoming a better instructor and bringing the “fitness magic” to my class. I have a lot of attending, observing, and learning to do on my own in order to find “my style” of teaching. Isn’t that so exciting!?

On a semi-related side note… with all of the RPM/cycling I’ve been doing, I seem to have 1. lost weight (yay!) and 2. lost muscle mass (boooo). So in an attempt to get back my muscles, I started taking Body Pump. And by “started taking Body Pump” what I mean is “I’ve taken one class”. So yesterday I got my butt out of bed at 7am to get to the gym for 9am to get space in the BodyPump class and also secure my bike for the RPM class right after. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous to do BodyPump since I either do it with a friend or not at all. I went solo this time and I survived.

But here’s the thing….

I know my body is NOT used to weight training AT ALL so I took it really easy in BodyPump. I didn’t squat as low as I know I could have, I went to the washroom during lunges, and I definitely didn’t use as much weight on my bar as I know I could have. AND THANK GOD because I am FEELING IT TODAYYYY. This is clearly a sign I either need to do this a lot more often or just simply give up on weight training all together. I’m thinking the former is probably more accurate even though my muscles are screaming for the later.

I’ve been looking at some of the before/after photos people have posted about starting BodyPump so that’s been good motivation. I think it’s good I started out easy yesterday and I’ll continue to increase as my body can handle it a bit better. I’m going to take my own before/after photos so that I can see the results for myself! My goal is to start going 3x/week… I’m thinking Monday/Thursday or Wednesday and Saturday. The great news is that if I can’t make it to a scheduled class, my gym has what’s called “Virtual Fitness” so I can play a class on a screen and follow along myself!

I’m super excited to see how the results turn out.

Have you taken BodyPump before? A newbie? Or are you a die hard fan?

xo S.