As you know, this week was off to kind of a rough start because I had caught the dreaded cold that is apparently making its rounds quite quickly. I managed to pretty much steer clear of dairy and I ate some pretty awesome food while being very healthy overall. Tonight I celebrated my healthy achievements with some saaaa-weeeeeet sushi and it was amazing… as always.

Even though I started the week rough, I still went to spin class on Tuesday… I took a class of a new instructor I had never taken before, just to get a better feel of how different instructors teach their RPM classes so I can mold myself as well! I took it reeeeeally easy because I was still pretty stuffed up… I think at one point I blew my nose in my towel – gross, sorry, TMI. I think it managed to break up some of the congestion I had been holding on to though, which was very helpful.

Wednesday I wrote my last exam for the semester and it felt FRIGGEN AMAZING. I’m free only for about 6 days, but it’s going to be an amazing 6 days. When I finished my exam it felt soooo weird not having to think about anything to do with school. So I went to spin class that night, did my thang, and went home to enjoy a celebratory glass of red wine before hitting the sack. I actually started a little funsie project of crocheting a little Spiderman LOL. Seriously, the time flew by that night and it was midnight before I knew it. I managed to get half of Spiderman created – it’s so cute!!! I need to finish it this weekend :).

Thursday I spent the day at work and didn’t know this until the morning of, but I was about to attempt my third RPM filming to get certified. If you don’t know how the process goes, basically I took this weekend long training, have 3 months to learn an entire class start to finish, film myself teaching said class to a real group of people, submit it, get assessed, either pass or fail. If I pass, I get to teach – YAY. If I fail I have 4 weeks to redo my class, and resubmit my video for assessment a second time. So the class went really friggen well, except for a member tried talking to me in the middle of it for some reason which kind of got me all flustered, but I worked through, recomposed myself and finished it strong! So one of my mentors, A, and I went to get a tea after class and watch my video and make sure all the choreography was right, all my cueing was good and I was doing the kind of cueing they want to see on the video and that I need to be cueing once I start teaching regularly. I open my computer and the program I used to film it…. and the entire file is corrupted. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. Omg we spent probably an hour searching ways to fix the file or recover it somehow and it just wasn’t working… So we chalked it up to another practice for me, and decided I would teach again Friday (today) at noon.

Then I went home and ate pizza and went to bed. OMG I forgot I ate pizza, haha – #treatyourself.

That brings me to today. I taught at a GoodLife location that I’d never taught at before and it was actually pretty cool!! The room wasn’t underground so it was FULL of sunlight and I had a pretty awesome group of riders to ride with!

It wasn’t a very big studio, and the types of bikes that we rode on I had never used before, but all in all it was an awesome class and I could tell a handful of them got a KILLER workout while I was teaching, and that’s always sooo fun to see :).

There were definitely some moments where, because of my unfamiliarity with the bikes, I put waaaay too much resistance on and was totally dying… but it was good, my legs are STILL a little wobbly and it’s been 9 hours since class hahahaha… no complaints here, but I am absolutely taking tomorrow off lol.

When we looked over my video after class, we agreed that this is the one that we’re going to submit. YAY GOOD NEWS!!! I now have to do an entire self-assessment over my class and how I did (ie. What I did well, what I need to work on.. so on and so on…) and then I think the plan will be to submit it on Monday! AHHH I’m actually quite nervous cuz I missed one or two small things but fingers crossed. I’ve been listening to the same 8 songs on repeat for about 2.5 months now and I am getting very anxious to start learning some new material lol.

All in all it’s been pretty great. This weekend and for the last couple of days I’ve really tried to focus on taking care of myself… putting myself first for the first time in who knows how long and just have a nice relaxing few days of a break from school until I’m back into it (ahem.. finance… the worst) over the summer. I have some fun plans lined up for tomorrow and then Sunday will be a lot of productivity and relaxing I think! I hope the weather is nice!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend.

xo. S

PS – I’m debating purchasing some Lebert Equalizer Bars for my apartment…. are they worth $200? Anyone?