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New York City 2017

Back in March, a boy and I decided that we should take a little weekend getaway to New York… just get out of Toronto and basically eat our way through New York City. We literally did just that. Granted, we opted for two cycling classes while we were there and we walked A LOT all around the city, so there was no shortage of physical activity while we were there!

We stayed at Row NYC which is right in midtown, super close to Times Square. It was suuuuuch a cute boutique hotel I would absolutely stay there again. It was very chic and the design was modern and really, really cool. Check out some photos of the food we ate inhaled while we were in New York!

First stop was Shake Shack…. it was almost directly across the street from our hotel and I’M OBSESSED with their cheese burgers. Boy wasn’t so fond of them (too greasy for his liking) but luckily for my defence, Anthony Bourdain also thoroughly enjoys the Shake Shack burger…. so I win (lol).

Next up was this little dive with what looked like amazing pizza in the window. Boy wanted authentic NYC Pizza and this place looked great. I opted for a salad because of the epic burger I had just inhaled… the salad was great! The pizza, according to Boy, was awful. Eek. Sowwy!

This candy store was unfortunately, very convenient. It was directly attached to our hotel… I only made one stop here all weekend. #selfdiscipline

My photos start to get jumbled here because it was a month ago and I can’t exactly remember the chronological order of everything I ate. But we went to this little dive Chinese food place while we were there and I had my first ramen of the weekend. It was actually really good, and reeeeeally big I remember I couldn’t finish it.

Ok obviously this was from our last night in NYC – a glass of red wine and a manly cocktail… almost $40, with exchange rates it was ALMOST $60. This is why we didn’t drink much while we were there. Jeeeez.

This little Mexican joint we found on our last night when we decided to “splurge” and opt for a real sit down meal instead of divey NYC food. I had delicious nacho’s and Boy had this big thing of tacos. It was little, the servers were super cute, and the food was delish!

We found this crepe place on our ventures through NYC’s China Town… I was honestly SO FULL by the time we reached this place that I only had a few pieces. The weather wasn’t overly great and it was really cold and wet on the Saturday so I was frozen, I just wanted to warm up and not eat frozen food lol!

On our first morning in NYC, we wanted to find just a dive diner to eat breakfast. We found THE PERFECT one.. We had eggs, potatoes, sausage, I had bacon (ahem), toast and coffee. Seriously it was perfect and delicious. Because there was only 2 of us, we got a table right away and the place was PACKED. We were right by the door but the fact that we didn’t have to wait to be seated was EPIC.

OMG Ivan Ramen ok. So this was on my “MUST DO” list because I’m obsessed with that Netflix show Chef’s Table and Ivan Ramen was in the newest season. We went to his Slurp Shop instead of the actual restaurant because it was in this cool little eatery with other vendors too. This is the ramen I got, and I added a garlic flavour bomb. Honestly? I had high hopes for this soup but it was waaaaay too salty. You’re talking to a woman that LOVES salt… but this was even too much for me.

The best ramen that we had (which I didn’t photograph) was at this mini-eatery attached to our hotel. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it’s the only ramen joint attached to the Row NYC hotel! If I would have known it was there from the start, I would have honestly ate there all weekend lol…. And now thinking about it, it’s probably best I didn’t know so I didn’t eat exclusively ramen for 3 days (although, that would not be a bad thing for my taste buds).

We did some other things while we were in town like Times Square, China Town (mmm Chinese pastries), the Top of the Rockafeller Centre, One World Trade Centre, Bergdorf Goodman’s (I had to drag Boy through there lol), Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Soul Cycle and CYC Fitness. It was a REALLY busy weekend but it was honestly so much fun, I never have a bad time in NYC.

Me on the Top of the Rock
Me on the Brooklyn Bridge
Top of the Rock.. Avec the Empire State Building
Soul Cycle
Times Square
Radio City Music Hall
World Trade Centre
One World Trade Centre

What’s your favourite thing to do in NYC? This is the first time I’ve ever just wandered in so many different parts of the city – despite the rain it was AWESOME!


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